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Tyne Tour 2019

I have taken around 2k images on the North Tyne today, or #thetynebezi as its now know. At 1.84 on the gauge the river was running well following rain last night and release from Kiedler water. The images were taken using a professional full frame camera. The images posted below are low resolution.

Tyne Tour 2019
Tyne Tour 2019
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Are You Off To The Tyne Tour?

The Tyne Tour is one of the best kayak/canoe events in the UK. Since its origins as the Mike Jones Rally the Tyne tour has become a firm favourite of mine. Most paddlers will stick to the area around Hexham and Tyne Green but there are several other stretches of water in the local area that are worth looking at. This post is not designed to be a definitive guide in any way but is intend to offer a few ideas so you can maximise your paddle time and choice if attending the tour. So here we have it The Tyne Tour – A Brief Water Guide.

Camping, food and retailers are all based at Tyne Green right on the river bank in Hexham. Hexham is large market town so there are plenty of shops, pubs and takeaways if required.

The main river for the tour is the North Tyne. Local canoe/kayak clubs provide safety cover on the largest whitewater section of the North Tyne at Rescue Rock. Each Saturday of the Tyne Tour you will find me sat on Rescue Rock taking thousands of still images.

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Tyne Tour 2017 – Part II

More images taken from Rescue Rock on the North Tyne. Welcome to Tyne Tour 2017 – Part II.

Tyne Tour 2017 - Part II

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Tyne Tour 2016 – Part II

After a few days rest I have downloaded and have began to sort another 1000 or so images from this years Tyne Tour. I’m calling this Tyne Tour 2016 – Part II but it is still from the Saturday of the tour and all images are taken from Rescue Rock on the North Tyne.


Shoe and neoprene sock washed away.

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Tyne Tour 2016

A cold and wet day was had sitting on rescue rock yesterday. Water levels on the North Tyne were not bad and were on the rise for the whole day. It was great to see so many new paddlers take to the water and take on the challenge of Wardens Gorge.

Tyne Tour 2016

There didn’t seem to be as many capsizes at the bottom of the gorge as usual but quite a few at the very top with a number of paddlers ending up swimming the entire gorge.

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Tyne Tour – 2015

Tickets for this year’s Tyne Tour are now available. Come join one of Europe’s largest mass participation kayak/canoe events.

Tyne Tour - 2015

The new website is now live.

Tyne Tour (Festival) 2014

I spent a few hours of today sat on Rescue Rock on the North Tyne (UK), water levels were good and the sun was out for most of the day. Thousands of images taken here are just a few.



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More Tyne Tour 2013 Photographs

tynetour_unsponsored (78)

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Tyne Tour 2013 – Saturday North Tyne

More images can be found on the Unsponsored Facebook page.

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Tyne Tour 2013

The 2013 Tyne Tour is getting closer by the day.


Here are a few images taken on Sat 3rd November 2012 from Rescue Rock.

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The North Tyne

The North Tyne has to be one of the classic ww runs in the North East of England. The water is clean, access is pretty good and you can get down in all but the very lowest of levels. The get in is at the small village of Chollerford just a few miles North of Hexam itself. Parking can be found in a large lay by on the west side of the bridge (just over the roundabout). It’s then a short walk back over to the east side of the bridge and path down to the river.

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North Tyne Run 6th January 2013

I had a little run down the North Tyne today from Chollerford to Acomb today. The North Tyne is a grade II/III run in the North East of England and in paddling circles is probably best known as the main venue for the Tyne Tour.

A week ago the water levels had been up and down like a Yo-Yo but had steadied and leveled off over the course of the last few days. Water levels were 0.88 on the gauge and remained static throughout the course of the run.


For my good friend TM this was his first taste of real white water and water levels were ideal.

Today was a one car affair which necessitated me dropping the car off at Acomb and walking/hitching back up. After around 1 mile I was picked up by a group of paddlers from Coquet Canoe Club in Amble (many thanks).


The weather was pretty good with both a mild air temperature and fairly good water temperature, but quite a thick mist lingered in the air until mid afternoon.


During the course of the paddle I carried a GoPro Black Edition and Silver Edition. The black on my lid and the silver on the boat. Continue reading

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