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How To Quickly Adjust Your Pyranha C4S And Stout Seat Height

Getting your outfitting setup correctly is a crucial part of the paddling art. An ill fitting boat doesn’t help your paddling technique.

How to Quickly Adjust Your Pyranha C4S and Stout Seat Height

Team Pyranha’s Chris Brain shows us how to get the best paddling position in your Pyranha C4S or Stout Kayak by optimising your seat height.

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Movie Monday 5 November 2018

Welcome to Movie Monday 5 November 2018. The clocks have went back, it’s just dark most of the time except when you are at work. Where did the weekend go?

Movie Monday 5 November 2018

Hopefully these edits will help you get through the start of the working week.


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Bren’s Park Jam

Bren’s Park Jam – Check it out.

Bren's Park Jam

Looks Like The Pyranha 12R

This shot from Canoe & Kayak Store looks like the Pyranha 12R.

Looks Like The Pyranha 12R

It looks like a beast.

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Bren Is Back

Bren is back after seeing himself off.

Bren Is Back

This section of whitewater is not actually that easy, but I have done so many laps down it and I know it so well now, that in my head it is a “chill” run. If that makes anysense at all? My first time down it I was much more out of control, underwater and not anywhere near as relaxed.

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How To Tailee With Bren Orton

How to Tailee with Bren Orton

There are a lot of names to this trick such as the stern squirt, the squirt, the pirouette and the whooppie. But if you watch this video you are now only allowed to call it the Tailee from now on.

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Social Media Saturday – 9 June 2018

Welcome to Social Media Saturday – 9 June 2018 at Unsponsored HQ.

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Pyranha Ripper – Review

I’ve been boating for well over 30 years so have been well placed to see the development of the sport and particularly the design of kayaks. Kayak manufacturers are now looking back to the longer slicey kayaks that were around in the late 1990s and early 2000s and I for one am really happy that longer slicey kayaks are back. I will say now that if you have only ever paddled poppy high volume short boats or super stable creekers then you need to find yourself a slicey kayak to try. At 9ft long (medium) the Pyranha Ripper could be a contender.

Pyranha Ripper - Review

The Pyranha Ripper is one of the first modern slicey kayaks to come from one of the major players in the game that has also been widely available here in the UK. At 6ft 2″ and 200lbs I am above the recommended weight limit for the medium Ripper (145-190lbs). Nevertheless, that is the kayak I am reviewing here. In addition to the medium the Ripper is also available in small with a weight guide of 88 – 165lbs with a large sized Ripper available very soon.

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Pyranha Ripper – Large Specs

The specs for the large Pyranha Ripper are now live and the boat is now in production.

Pyranha Ripper - In Action


Pyranha Ripper - Large Specs

Battle For The Pyranha Ripper

Bren Orton and David Fusilli get competitive in the battle for the Pyranha Ripper

Battle for the Pyranha Ripper

There is only one Pyranha ripper available on the West coast of America right now, all of the other ones have already been sold or taken by kayak shops. Myself and Dave Fusilli have been arguing about who should become the rightful owner of this kayak for the past two weeks, finally we decided to settle it like men. By battling through three / four highly serious challenges.

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Escaping From The Wife And Kids

Rob has been escaping from the wife and kids…

Escaping from the wife and kids

I’ve been back in England for a few weeks now resting up after a recent crash. I was finally starting to feel better so I called up one of my best mates and my old boss, Rob Harris and we went to the River Dart, the levels where so low but that didn’t stop us from having a great time! It felt just like old times, bunking off work, going kayaking and taking the piss out of each other… it was so much fun!

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Pyranha Kayaks – Custom Colours

As well as a number of the other large players Pyranha Kayaks also offer a custom colours service through their dealer network. Choose your colours for the boat and the anodised hardware and off you go.

Pyranha have been posted quite a few images of the custom colours that are currently leaving the UK factory. He are just a few.

Pyranha Kayaks - Custom Colours

What custom colours would you go for?

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