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Reader’s Rides 2013 – Gavin Hart

Name: Gavin Hart
Location: England

Student studying BA (Hons) Adventure and Media @ University of Cumbria

Fluid Detox M, Werner Desperados, Sweet Rocker, Yak Koast, Sweet Shadrach, Level 6 Reign, Delta Shock Deck, Adidas Sick Line Boat Shoes, 15m Throwline, FA kit.

Currently an intermediate boater in a game of catch up. I’m striving to progress my paddling so I can keep up with my friends and aim in the future to be able to hold my own on harder whitewater whilst getting great photography and video too.

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New paddle time

After reading about my current Sidekick paddles on the Werner website, it seems (given the specs) that I need to be looking for an alternative paddle!

The best choice for strong well conditioned play boaters!

Werner Double Diamond

The Werner bent-shaft paddles have been great for us since they were introduced. The carbon shafts seem next to indestructible and the blades last a long time usually wearing down to a smaller size over long periods of use.

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