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GoPro Wifi Password

The default password for the GoPro Wifi system is – goprohero, all lowercase no spaces.


This will only work if your GoPro, Wifi Bacpac (if using a GoPro Hero 2) and Remote have all been updated with the latest firmware.

GoPro Hero 3 – Black vs Silver vs White

[UPDATE: GoPro have released the Hero 7 Black Edition.  You can find more about it here.]

My black edition Gopro Hero 3 arrived in the UK a couple of weeks ago. The form factor will be familiar to all who have seen or already own the white or silver editions.

GoPro Hero 3

Looking at the different cameras (I have silver and black editions) the “3” within Hero3 is coloured to match the cameras edition. That is the Black edition’s 3 is black and the Silver Editions 3 is silver etc. But what really makes the white, silver and black editions different to one another is what goes on inside.

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Unsponsored 2012 Q&A Series – 2013 Who’s Next?

2012 has been a great year for the Unsponsored Q&A series. Some of the worlds top boaters agreed to take part in the series during the course of 2012.

2013 promises to be just as strong with a number of Q&As ready to go. This includes Q&As with Jim Snyder and Rush Sturges amongst others.

2012 – The Round Up

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Contour Connect App

I have had the Contour +2 for a few days now and have been playing around with the App for iOS devices.


The App was free to download from Apple’s App Store.

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ThePaddler Magazine

Decembers issue is now out. Check out the review of the Palm Spark Surface Immersion Suit.

Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 10.19.57

ThePaddler Magazine December 2012

Decembers edition of ThePaddler magazine hit the net on 21st.

Last months edition has received almost a quarter of a million impressions since it was published a matter of a few weeks ago. Very impressive for such a new publication.

I’m please to say that I have another review in this months edition.

Contour Storyteller Software – First Look

New in for test this week at the Unsponsored HQ is a Contour +2 action camera. After setting up the camera I downloaded the apps for my Mac and iPhone.

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Palm Stikine and Torrent Surface Immersion Suits

Palm Rivertec Fusion PFD – Review

The Rivertec Fusion PFD has been about for some time now and has only seen one real revamp in its history. It first appeared in the late 90’s in a rather smart dark blue which was later joined by red and now grey. The new grey version also has a zipped chest pocket, something which its colourful predecessor lacked. The basic concept of the Fusion will be familiar to most – a slab PFD with adjustment on the shoulders, sides and waist.

Palm Rivertec Fusion PFD - Review
Palm Rivertec Fusion PFD – Review

Where it differs is the use of neoprene to help provide a snug fit without being restrictive or allowing the PFD to ride up. The neoprene forms the basis of the shoulder straps with additional tape adjustment. Further neoprene is also evident on the the front and back of the Rivertec Fusion and are joined by tape adjusters fastened by fastex buckles. This makes the Fusion very easy to put on, adjust and remove. An additional strap on the bottom of the Fusion makes riding up almost impossible.

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Contour + 2 – First Look

The UK distributers of Contour products (Ultra Sport Europe) kindly agreed to send me one of the new Contour + 2 cameras for test. Over the last hour or so I have taken a few shots of the camera and have downloaded the apps for both my Mac and iPhone (more on them later).

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Pressies for Paddlers

Here’s a run down of a few of the things that kayakers, canoeists and SUP paddlers may like as a pressie from Father Christmas. I’m assuming that a Wavesport Recon and other large bits of kit are already on the list! Continue reading

Navigation Part II

Basic map and compass skills are often overlooked by paddlers but are essential if you’re hunting down the next stout or need to walk out from a river. Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology has changed many aspects of navigation. This doesn’t negate the need for a basic understanding of map/compass use. Batteries don’t last forever and you just know that if you’re in a tight spot your GPS is bound to breakdown! However that said if you need to pin point your position in bad weather (or otherwise) a GPS will do it damn quick.

Navigation Part II

The Theory

Maps are essentially a 2D representation of a 3D world. Maps contain a huge range of information that can on first glance look very intimidating. But given some time and very little effort you can unlock that information and begin to use maps to your advantage.

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