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Guest Lecture – Erik Boomer


Teesside University Kayak Club are proud to host a guest talk by the world famous Erik Boomer, kayaker, photographer, and adventurer. He has recently completed a very gruelling 65 day expedition across Baffin Island with Sarah McNair-Landry, and they will be talking about their experience, and the adventures that led them there.

The talk will take place at Teesside University Student Union (Middlesbrough) on Wednesday the 13th of November 2013 (8pm-10pm). Tickets will be £7.50 in advance, and £10 on the door.

Demshitz Moose Fest, King Of New York And A Lot Of Zombie’s

Demshitz Moose Fest, King of New York and a lot of Zombie’s from David Fusilli on Vimeo.

Moose Fest is always rowdy. Why was this one more rowdy than all other Moose Fest’s? From my experience it was the King of New York and all the god damn zombie’s. Enjoy demshitz.

Norway, Raundal Part 1

Norway, Raundal Part 1 from Adam Gray on Vimeo.

Mid season was able to score two weeks, so packed up and headed north to Norway. Although water levels were nt great, we were blessed with plenty sunshine and clear water boating..! Thanks to a team Landgraff for a great trip.

For more info on trips like theses check out: oribioutdoors.com

Edit: Adam Gray
Music: Klingande, Jubel

Feather Fest 2013

Another great video from friend of Unsponsored – Shon Bollock.

Feather Fest 2013 from Shon Bollock on Vimeo.

The third weekend of September is one of the largest kayaking events in California. Late season releases established by American Whitewater have provided the venue and river that set the stage for a weekend of good times. The North Fork Feather race is a great section of white water with many fun boofs and a great run to lap as many times as desired.

I had raced the Tobin section for the past 7 years but this year I really wanted to capture some aerial cinematography with my DJI Phantom. Props to everyone that raced and came out to support an amazing event this year and much gratitude to AW for all their work to make it happend. Apologies for the jello in some shots, I have since got a H3-2D gimbal so you can expect much smoother shots in the near future.

Enjoy the 100% GoPro Hero3+ edit and hope everyone is stoked on the changing seasons!

Music by: “Stupid Money Ft. Agent Sasco” Wayne Marshall

Produced by Damian Marley

see more at shastaboyz.com

I Wouldn’t Swim There If I Were You

Another great piece and sound advice from Unsponsored friend Liam Chambers.

I wouldn’t swim there if I were you. from Liam Chambers on Vimeo.

Awkward series of roll attempts lead to a swim on the Aberglaslyn Gorge. Resulting in ending up in an undercut rock at the side of “Leg breaker”. This is where safety and rescue courses and practising using those skills becomes real.


Wavesport Mobius

The Mobius has arrived here in the UK. Below are some shots of and by Dale Mears in his new Wavesport Mobius.





Check out Dale Mears Photography over on Facebook.

Made in Canada Episode 4 – The Ashlu

Made in Canada Episode 4 | The Ashlu from NRS Films on Vimeo.

Living in Vancouver, British Columbia allows kayaker and chemist Steve Arns to pursue his career and his sport with equal passion. When work is done, Steve loads up his kayak, leaves the city and heads to the river. Join Steve and his friends as they shred the Box Canyon of the Ashlu, a Class V kayaking classic right out Vancouver’s back door.

Zet Kayaks BC 2013

ZET Kayaks BC 2013 from Mark Basso on Vimeo.

Zet Kayaks in British Columbia August/September 2013. Multiday fly-ins to Clore and Dean rivers with Matthias Stockl, Thomas Motz, Benjamin Seeberger, Xaver (Boby) Frieser and Mark Basso.

Music: You’re So Gangsta (Playgroup Instrumental Remix)

Check out my thoughts on the Zet Raptor here.

Secret Paddler – Tyne Tour

After a great response on Facebook this one is a goer.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 17.33.33

I’m planning a ‘secret paddler’ attack for the Tyne Tour here in the UK. Here is how it works. I will have an Unsponsored minion (as many of you know me by sight) somewhere out and about for each day on the water or on the bank. If he/she spots a paddler with a new Team Unsponsored sticker on their kit and likes the cut of his/her jib then they get a dry bag stuffed with some Unsponsored goodies.

New stickers will be available Monday. Send me an email if you want any – phil ATTTTT unsponsored.co.uk and I’ll get em out 1st class Monday.

It’s Cold

The frosty mornings are definitely here and keeping warm whilst on the water is the key. Therefore I thought I’d do a quick run down of the kit I would typically wear to keep warm whilst on the river. The key to keeping warm is to use layers of clothing and to keep as dry as possible.


My winter paddling gear is as follows –

PFD, helmet, boots/shoes and spraydeck don’t real change through the seasons, although if it is really cold I might wear a Playboater Titanium Earwig. The Earwig helps take the edge off that sensation you get when your head hits cold water.

My dry kit does change, as I tend to move away from using Dry Tops/Shorts to full suits.

To keep me dry I like to wear a dry suit. I have owned the Palm Spark Surface Immersion Suit and Immersion Research Double D Drysuit in the past and now use a Sweet Protection Intergalactic Dry Suit. Continue reading

Genes: Advanced WW Part 4 & 5 Slides & Drops

A great video from Unsponsored’s friend Simon Westgarth.

Genes Advanced WW; Part 4 & 5 Slides & Drops from Gene17 – Simon Westgarth on Vimeo.

Old School Series – R1 & R2 Riot Helmets

Seeing this Riot Helmet for sale on Ebay reminded me of how much I really liked the fit and protection of the similar Riot Helmet I owned for several years.

Here is what I said about the Riot Helmets at the time I was using one:

The Riot helmet is no longer produced and has been quite difficult to get hold of. They came in two varieties the R1 and R2. Shell sizes are standard with the amount of inner foam being the deciding factor on size.

Riot Helmets(1) Continue reading

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