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Day: 4 February 2014

Packing The Liquid Logic Stinger XP

A great video from Unsponsored friend Shane at Liquid Logic. This one is for you NRB.

Packing and Unpacking the Stinger XP from Shaneslogic on Vimeo.

Freestyle Move – The McNasty

The McNasty1 from Jez Jez on Vimeo.

Frozen Green River

The local run with some serious ice. It’s always beautiful down there but the icicles and snow definitely add something special.

Frozen Green River from Nick Ianniello on Vimeo.

Orange Mud – Transition & Seat Wrap

I received one of these towel systems from Orange Mud a few months ago for review. Since it’s first use it has found a home in my kit bag.

The Seat wrap is a towel with a number of additional features. Firstly it has a fully adjustable belt clip which ensures that the wrap stays securely around your waist or chest. It is super simple to adjust and the wrap stays put! At just over 6ft I have found the wrap to be just long enough.

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Mr. Boof Goes To Mexico

A short video of Robert “The Kid” Waldron with [spoiler alert] a stern first landing off of First Tomata on the Alseseca River in Mexico.

Mr. Boof Goes to Mexico from Rogue Compass Media on Vimeo.

Paddler: Robert Waldron
Video: Wyatt Hyndman
Concerned Onlooker: Kyle Burton
Edit: Dylan Evans
Song: That I Love You // Fytch

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