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GoPro Blackout

GoPro have launched a new matt black special OPs type housing for the GoPro 3 and 3+. The idea is that it gives the camera a more covert look and won’t grab the attention of those who may be caught while you are out filming.

GoPro - Blackout

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DMM Boa – In For Review

This is the ‘Big Daddy’ of lockers – the ultimate rigging biner and one which is super strong and super tough. This should make it ideal for kayaking.

DMM Boa - In For Review
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Freestyle Kayaker

Freestyle Kayaker from Lee Visual on Vimeo.

Few people have pursued Whitewater Kayaking for as long with as much passion as Bryan Kirk. Bryan discusses how he continues to experience the rivers draw while paddling the New River Dries in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Continue reading

Team Kayak Brasil Highlight Reel

Team Kayak Brasil highlight reel from KayakBrasil on Vimeo.

A Winter Of Rehab And Recovery

This is a very personal account of the last 6 months and my time spent recovering from injury. It features a few dark moments before the positive outcomes so please bare with it…

This winter has been pretty tough with very limited amounts of kayaking. Back in September I dislocated my ankle wake boarding breaking both my Tibia and Fibular. As a result I was in hospital for 5 nights requiring extensive surgery to fix my ankle back together.

When you have a major injury, whilst it’s extremely painful, you do not think of the pain. As soon as it happened straight away I knew I was going to be off the water for a long time, and that feeling is a lot worse than any pain, and don’t get me wrong the pain is massive!

In hospital you are dosed up on pain killers and put in a ward with other sick and injured patients. You are left waiting for when you will go in to surgery with little knowledge whether it will be a few hours or a few days.

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Palm FXr – Simon Westgarth’s Thoughts

Palm Equipment hooked me up with one of their new FXr PFDs for test the other week and subsequent review on Unsponsored.


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Wave Sport Mobius Kayak Test

Wave sport Mobius Kayak test from Yeo Jung Yeop on Vimeo.

Peli Case – Review

The favourite of expedition paddlers for many years the Peli range of storage cases have an unrivaled reputation for strength, durability and waterproofness.

The Peli range covers a vast array of possible applications from rifle case to lunch box! However their use as an expedition camera case is where its main use lies and their reputation has been built. The most appropriate sizes to consider for this use are probably the 1200 and 1300 series for cameras and the 1120 for carrying a GoPro and a few accessories.


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Werner Paddle Fit Widget

A nice idea from our friends at Werner.

Werner Paddle Fit Widget

Transferable Passion

Liz Forshaw wrote the following piece for her blogThe Lizard. Liz has kindly agreed to have her words shared on Unsponsored.

I have been labelling myself as a kayaker ‘paddler’ ‘boater’ since University, an easy set of tags that allow you to be more than just yourself, giving you access into a whole new family, club, whatever you want to call it. Anyone who is a kayaker will understand, this is one of the best groups to be in – full of loyal, passionate, mentally and physically strong people, the sort you want to have with you in a crisis, and in the grand scheme of things, it’s a pretty little place, so you feel like one of the special ones. Your ‘other’ friends marvel at tales of raging whitewater, far flung adventures around the world and of course, the best parties you have ever been to. But what happens when you fall out of love with it or physically can’t do it anymore?…

It can happen for many reasons, for me it was a combination of things. Working in the industry where you spend your spare time has certain drawbacks, the feeling of constantly being at work, needing to keep a professional face at a party, or not appear weak on a river takes away from having fun after a while. Continue reading

Topo Teaser

Topo teaser from Holly Rollaz on Vimeo.

The river not the kayak.

Cuando En Colombia (Episode #3)

Cuando en Colombia (episode #3) from Mountain Mind Collective on Vimeo.

Follow the boys as they descend through some of Colombia’s most magnificent waterways. From the thick jungles of the Samana to the deep gorges of the Caldera the boys find themselves in some of the most wild of conditions and amongst the most spectacular of settings.

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