Dane Jackson takes a very stout run down the Lower Rauma.

Dane Jackson - Lower Rauma
Dane Jackson – Lower Rauma

I had grown up seeing so many videos of one of the biggest classics of Norway, the Lower Rauma. Finally getting the chance to experience it was unreal and it was everything I could have imagined, and more. I not only ended up getting the 3rd descent of Brennenfossen which is an ultra stout that Bren first descented in 2016. I also ended up deciding to run Flemmingsfossen which is one of the most intimidating drops I have done as it has a very hard lip to line up, as well as only about a 20ft window where the drop doesn’t land on rocks. It was one hell of a day and I definitely can’t wait to get back to it, although I don’t think I will be running those 2 stouts again.

Dane Jackson