The LCD BacPac is designed to give extra functionality to the GoPro series of cameras. This includes the Black, Silver and White 3 series cameras and the Hero and Hero 2 cameras (but without the touch screen functionality).


The LCD BacPac is a small unit that clips onto the back of a camera and is powered from the camera itself. It allows you to edit the cameras settings, frame your shots and replay video.

The LCD BacPac comes supplied in the standard GoPro packaging which makes it great for shop display but I think that the amount of packaging provided could be rationalised. The LCD BacPac is supplied with three backdoors – 1 x touchscreen back door so the screen can be operated but is still waterproof, 1 x solid back door which takes away the access to the touch screen functionality and 1 x skeleton backdoor. A storage case is also provided to help keep the screen safe when it is not in use.

My main reason for purchasing the LCD BacPac was to provide a means of framing my shots and allowing me to pan the camera (on a tripod) whilst guaranteeing I would actually get the full shot and not cut anyones head off.

The LCD BacPac allows me to do this with ease and has eliminated the need for guess work. I have been able to get the shot first time, every time. So in that respect it has fulfilled its intended purpose.

The LCD BacPac adds around 1cm of thickness to the camera set up and 34g in weight.

The functionality of the touch screen isn’t bad, but if you are expecting an iPhone or iPad experience then you will be disappointed. A firm press is required and the X icon that appears in the top right hand corner of each of the screens can be a little tricky to hit first time.

The screen is clear and viewing playback of both images and video is easy under both artificial and natural light.

Setting up the camera using the LCD BacPac is straight forward. The icons are OK being fairly crisp and of a size that most fingers won’t have issue with.

All in all I would recommend the LCD BacPac as a worthy accessory to get hold of if your budget can take it.


• Seamlessly attaches to the back of GoPro cameras
• LCD touch screen allows for easy visual camera and settings control
• Preview and playback photos and videos, including instant slow motion playback
• Integrated speaker with volume control
• Compatible with GoPro HD Hero3 Black, Silver and White Editions
• Limited compatibility with Hero and Hero2 cameras, requires firmware update

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