The HOG (Hand of God) is a helmet retention system that comes fitted as standard to all new Shred Ready helmets but is also sold individually as an upgrade.

This guide shows the fitting of a HOG to a Shred Ready Scrappy helmet, although the same principles apply if you wished to fit a HOG to another helmet brand.

The HOG features two opposing micro adjusting ratchets. Each ratchet tightens two mono-filament lines that make for the prefect positive fit. The ratchets and anchors are attached to a coated PVC harness laminated and stitched to closed cell foam.

The upgrade kit includes stainless threadable inserts for easy installation, the HOG lock, and fitting instructions.

The instructions supplied were very easy to follow.

Step 1 – Gather the required materials

To fit the HOG I needed the following items;

A tape measure
A non-permanent felt-tip pen
A Philips screwdriver
A 4mm Drill bit
An electric drill

Step 2 – Fitting the HOG

1) The first thing I did was to draw a straight line in-between the two chin strap retention bolts. This was done using a strip of cardboard and a non-permanent marker pen. The line can be faintly seen in the image below.

2) I then measured 60mm along the line from one of the bolts.

3) From this mark I measured 5mm up and made the final mark ready for hole.

4) A 4mm hole was then drilled into the helmet. I used a standard drill bit and set the drill to slow. To make sure the drill bit didn’t skid along the helmet as I drilled I made a small cross at the spot to be drill with a pen knife.

5) The first hole drilled was cleaned up ready for HOG attachment.

6) The HOG was then disassembled leaving the HOG unit, two bolts and two threaded T nuts.

7) The nut was then placed into the eyelet in one end of the HOG. Then the HOG was offered up against the inside of helmet with the foam side of the HOG facing inward.

8 ) And then place inside of the helmet in line with the drilled hole.
This image shows (just) the nut on the inside of the helmet ready for the bolt to be screwed into place.

9) Once screwed in nice and tight the whole process was carried out again on the other side of the helmet. Job Done!

This was a very simple job to do and took around 30 minutes (but that included taking all of the images for this guide).