Liquid Logic have announced today that the Jefe Grande is back. The Jefe was a big hit with paddlers at Unsponsored HQ so it’s great to see it back.

Jefe Grande Is Back

Back by popular demand! One of the most popular creek boats of all time, the Jefe Grande.

As far as we’re concerned, kayaking is all about running rivers. Our lifeblood is paddling rivers, with challenging rapids, in cool places. When we originally designed the Grande we brought together dozens of paddling icons and underdogs with thousands of miles of Class V experience to conceptualize, design and test the Jefe Grande. Developed to make creeking more fun and safe by providing maximum confidence to paddlers of all skill levels, this design was finalized after trips worldwide and daily poundings on our backyard Green River Narrows.

Whether it be some big-volume beast in the middle of nowhere or your local adrenaline-fix, this ultimate creeker takes care on rivers of any size. The classic, narrow full displacement hull, rocker profile and extra volume in the bow eats up big rapids, while the soft chines and added width at the hips provide stability and control during quick transitions. Tried and true the world over, bringing back the Grande into the Liquidlogic line just gives paddlers more reason to charge!