To be honest I was surprised that at 6ft 2in I could actually fit in the boat. My feet were right to the end of the bow (no footrest needed) which was pretty good interms of the outfitting needed. The Liquidlogic Space Cadet has that now very familiar Liquidlogic look and looks very similar to its older brothers the Pop and Skip.

The outfitting will also be familiar to those with older LL boats. The seat etc remains the same but additional sticky back padding has been provided in the form of a butt pad, hip pads and knee pads. These seem very hardwearing and once stuck doesn’t want to shift.

The backrest is as you would expect a ratchet one and in this case is the IR flex capacitor. I would personally prefer a much wider back band as I found the back band was a little too short which resulted in the plastic straps digging into my side.

How does the boat feel? Well, quite big, which was a surprise. The boat is very stable and relatively speedy on the flat for a boat of this size. The seating position is good and easily tuned if needed. For me the factory setup was spot on . A lot of the volume is around the cockpit which allows end to thrown quite easily whilst maintaining stability when the boat is on end. There is quite a “bounce” as you transfer from one end to the next. This charateristic will be familiar to all that have short spud type playboats like the Riot Disco for example.

The hull is extremely loose due to its heavily rockered ends and LL trade mark planing hull design – so pulling multiple flat spins is not a problem even on the smallest of features.

Loops are also fairly easy with the boat having enough “pop” to throw you skyward.

On a wave the Space Cadet does feel slow compared to the Prijon Release. It also bounces a lot. Great for getting air if you can get the timing right, not to good when your still trying to carve. Over time I am sure I would quickly adapt and use the characteristics to my advantage.

Since 1st trying the Space Cadet out I have paddled it on several occasions. I like it, as a Park and Play boat it would make a great choice. Especially if the boat was LL pink. However, for my style of paddling it can’t beat the Prijon Release.