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Liquid Logic Scooter – Review

I just got the new Liquidlogic Scooter out for a demo today on Hurley on 2 gates. Here are my thoughts of the boats.

Quick Ref: I am 5’11, 34 inch inside leg, size 10 feet, 9.5stone. Quick history of the boats I have paddled: LL Skip, LL Pocket Rocket, LL Space Cadet.

I have been paddling Liquidlogic boats for the past two years and so have progressed through the range. I initially was worried whether I would fit in the Scooter, as my Pocket Rocket was crippling and so is the Skip I am using at the moment. I jumped in the Scooter straight away and had room. The foot cushion was on the limit of my comfort, if I move (which I will) the seat forwards it will come out and be replaced with a foam footrest. Outfitting is the same as all previous models, with a water bottle holder and the foot cushion.

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Liquid Logic Stomper Review

I have owned the Stomper 90 for over 6 months and now seems like a good time for an initial review.

Having been in small play boats for so long meant that getting into the stomper felt like I had bought the Ark Royal and not a kayak. That said, on the water it does not have the bad characteristics of a big boat, for example slow to turn, slow to paddle etc. It is infact very manoeuvrable.

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Liquidlogic Space Cadet – Review

To be honest I was surprised that at 6ft 2in I could actually fit in the boat. My feet were right to the end of the bow (no footrest needed) which was pretty good interms of the outfitting needed. The Liquidlogic Space Cadet has that now very familiar Liquidlogic look and looks very similar to its older brothers the Pop and Skip.

The outfitting will also be familiar to those with older LL boats. The seat etc remains the same but additional sticky back padding has been provided in the form of a butt pad, hip pads and knee pads. These seem very hardwearing and once stuck doesn’t want to shift.

The backrest is as you would expect a ratchet one and in this case is the IR flex capacitor. I would personally prefer a much wider back band as I found the back band was a little too short which resulted in the plastic straps digging into my side.

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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Shane Benedict

Shane Benedict from Liquid Logic Kayaks is “committed to making truly innovative kayaks that continuously raise the standards of quality, performance, and safety through the simplicity and purity that draws us to paddle in the first place.”

Shane kindly agreed to take part in the Unsponsored Q&A series.

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Liquid Logic Design

Liquidlogic Stomper – Design Talk from Team Liquidlogic Kayaks on Vimeo.

Liquid Logic Freeride on the Ottawa

Liquidlogic Freeride Ottawa River 2011 from ross herr on Vimeo.

Liquid Logic – Composite Kayak

Liquidlogic Composite Prototype 1 from ross herr on Vimeo.

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