I just got the new Liquidlogic Scooter out for a demo today on Hurley on 2 gates. Here are my thoughts of the boats.

Quick Ref: I am 5’11, 34 inch inside leg, size 10 feet, 9.5stone. Quick history of the boats I have paddled: LL Skip, LL Pocket Rocket, LL Space Cadet.

I have been paddling Liquidlogic boats for the past two years and so have progressed through the range. I initially was worried whether I would fit in the Scooter, as my Pocket Rocket was crippling and so is the Skip I am using at the moment. I jumped in the Scooter straight away and had room. The foot cushion was on the limit of my comfort, if I move (which I will) the seat forwards it will come out and be replaced with a foam footrest. Outfitting is the same as all previous models, with a water bottle holder and the foot cushion.

The boat was not trimmed well for me, the seat was too far back for my liking, on flatwater it was hard to initiate the bow and too quick on the stern, which was copied in the hole so I could not balance it for sustained ends.

On the wave it was really quick, and carved really fast from edge to edge, and zoomed into the trough, allowing me to do some really quick but big blunts. This boat is so much faster than all the other models in the range. It is really loose as well. It follows in the Necky Chronic/Riot Air model of carving. Once used to the boat it was starting to work really well. Backstabs were just as quick, and it was easier backsurfing than the previous LL models.

It was really quick for loops as well, both front and back. It was easier back looping due to the trim, but once this has been played with this will balance out.

Darren Kirk