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How To Paddle Design

Just a quick little how to paddle design. 

First of all if you have not done any drawing or designing lately I would recommend that you get a piece of paper and draw out a few ideas of things that you would like on your paddle. Keep the design pretty basic. Mandalas are an easy formula to follow and look great. Equally any cartoon or line drawing will work also. 

How To Paddle Design
How To Paddle Design

I would not recommend a big block of colour. I have a block of white beside the anchor. But I know the paint will scrape off the bank and river beds or beaches when launching and paddling over the summer. Try to come up with line designs and keep them more towards the shaft or centre of the paddle for longevity. 

How To Paddle Design
How To Paddle Design
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A New Disco?

Corran has been designing again. This is what a new Disco V2 could look like.

A New Disco

For those of you who weren’t around at the time of the original Disco the boat really stepped things up in terms of what a small park and play kayak could do. Being based on the hull of the rule changing Riot Glide it had a head start on virtually all other small playboats out at the time.

So Corran is looking at a revamp of the old design, improving what wasn’t quite right at the time and stepping things up yet another notch. Check out this initial design concept.

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An Unsponsored Kayak?

If Unsponsored were to design and release a brand new kayak into the current market place what would it look like?

An Unsponsored Kayak

Lets go through a few design ideas and see where we end up.

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Soul Waterman – Outfitting

We’ve been following the develops at Soul Waterman HQ for sometime. We love what Corran is doing over there and it’s great to see the line of boats that are being produced.

We shared some graphics showing what the outfitting would/could look like a few months back. The outfitting is now a reality and is being fitted to the new production line of kayaks. I’d be interested in knowing peoples thoughts on this.

Soul Waterman - Outfitting

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Palm – Inside Out

Last week I got a preview of the new Inside Out video from Palm Equipment. The video takes a close look at the process of designing and then making paddling gear.

Palm - Inside Out

Have you ever wondered how your paddling gear is made, how it’s designed, or what a laser cutter looks like? This short film from Palm Equipment takes you inside the factory, to explain the how, the where and the why of design and manufacturing.

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Peak UK Custom Drysuit – Review

I have now been using a Peak UK Custom drysuit for about 6 months on rivers and for playboating and I have been very pleased with it. Not only is the drysuit really good quality but the ability to have your own customised design incorporated really well into it makes for a winning combination.

unsponsored_PeakUK_Custom (3)

One of the key features about this drysuit is that it is made out of their X3 material not the X4 that some of Peak’s other kit is made out of. Now this comes with a selection of pros and cons that will depend really on what the individual paddler would want from their suit. Trying on the Peak whitewater one piece in the shop, the X4 material felt quite heavy to wear although I don’t imagine this would greatly affect movement on the water too much. The custom suit with the X3 however feels much lighter.

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Yak Riwaka Dry Top – First Look

The Yak Riwaka in a very loud GREEN has arrived at Unsponsored HQ. Now this is the third bit of gear from Yak that has landed here the HQ in as many weeks and once again Yak have made a really good impression (I need to find out who is designing this stuff!) – here’s why.

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Hou Canoes – Hou 13 Review

Hōu Canoes are a new UK-based company who are manufacturing open Canadians ranging from 13 to 17 foot with choice of red or green colour.

Hou Canoes

Looking to do more canoeing on both flat and easy moving water, I bought a Hōu 13, the smallest canoe available in their fleet at 13’3”. The moulds were designed by Colin Broadway (a UK based canoeing legend) and were very successful for many years under his company name Mobile Adventure, the Hou 13 being closest to the old Majorette, re-using a perfectly good design from the past. The other canoes in Hōu’s fleet are also created using reclaimed and recycled moulds, re-established and re-outfitted in the North West of the UK. Continue reading

Shane’s Take – Liquidlogic Kayaks Flying Squirrel

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 21.32.00

Designer Shane Benedict gives you the run down on the design and performance of the Liquidlogic Kayaks Flying Squirrel. The Flying Squirrel was requested by you the paddlers in our Automatic For The People Drive, Designed by us, tested by our team, and now sold direct to you at our webpage. Continue reading

Dagger Phantom

The maximum length of boats for the short boat class in races such as the Green Narrows river race is now 9ft and earlier this month Pyranha unveiled the 9R at the summer OR show. In all likelihood this will be the length of the next crop of boats over the next few years (A totally Unsponsored prediction).

unsponsored dagger phantom

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Rapid Blocs

Rapid Blocs are quite simply movable and adjustable obstacles that when placed in flowing water can create a whitewater environment. Rapid Blocs were designed by paddler Andy Laird and can be found in whitewater courses across the globe.

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