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Spade Kayaks Hexagon Drytop

Spade kayaks now has released a new drytop.

Spade Kayaks Hexagon Dry Top

Spade have kept things simple and have designed a well cut dry top without unnecessary features.

For the Hexagon Dry Top we tried to leave out any unnecessary bells and whistles and focused on fit and comfort of movement instead. This lightweight and simple yet robust jacket will keep you dry while shredding without getting in the way of your paddling.

Spade Kayaks
Spade Kayaks Hexagon Dry Top

You can find the Hexagon drytop in good kayak stores and online at

Nookie Turbo Jacket – Review

The Nookie Turbo jacket is designed to be a performance led premium whitewater kayak jacket utilising the same high quality materials as the Nookie Charger Drysuit. This thing is tough with double sals (neoprene outer/latex inner) on the neck and arms. What makes this jacket stand out is that it is also made at Nookie’s HQ here in the UK. There are very few UK based paddling firms that actually still make their gear in the UK. Top marks to Nookie.

Nookie Turbo Jacket - Review
Nookie Turbo Jacket – Nookie Turbo Jacket – Review
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Gul Saco Dry Top – First Look

If you were to take a quick look at the new Gul Saco dry top you could mistake it to be from another well known manufacturer. This is because it has the kind of features and detail you would expect to see in a kayaking dry top from a more well established kayaking gear producer and not from a firm that is relatively new to this part of the market. This is definitely a good thing in terms of its features as it has the elements that paddlers would want. Gul aren’t strangers to the world of watersports but dedicated high end kayaking gear has been missing from there range over the years. Gul started as a wetsuit company and developed the first “steamer” wetsuit back in the early days of surfing in the UK.

Gul Saco Dry Top

The Saco dry top in conjunction with a number of other other new designs is set to change this.

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Sweet Protection Supernova 2016 – First Look

We had a box of goodies arrive at Unsponsored HQ last week containing lots of gear from Sweet Protection.

Sweet Protection Supernova 2016 - First Look

One of the first items out of the box was the Sweet Protection Supernova 2016.

Unsponsored-Sweet-Protection-Supernova-2016 4

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Palm Equipment Zenith (Short Sleeved) 2015 – A Closer Look

The days are starting to get a little longer and the sun seems to be out that little more. It won’t be long until it’s time to be out on the water with a short sleeved cag. For many years I have been using an Immersion Research cag which is simply awesome but is now getting a little long in the tooth. Last summer I decided to get a Palm Equipment Zenith short sleeved top but was simply far too late. No dealer within the UK or Palm themselves had a top left in my size. Roll on just under a year and Palm have released the 2015 version of the Zenith.

unsponsored Palm Equipment Zenith

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Yak Riwaka Dry Top – First Look

The Yak Riwaka in a very loud GREEN has arrived at Unsponsored HQ. Now this is the third bit of gear from Yak that has landed here the HQ in as many weeks and once again Yak have made a really good impression (I need to find out who is designing this stuff!) – here’s why.

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Arch Rival Short Sleeve Dry Top – In For Review

This week as been a huge one for deliveries at Unsponsored HQ. Immersion Research have kindly sent over a brand new Arch Rival short sleeve dry top for review. Bring on the water and the sun.


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Sweet Protection Supernova Dry Top – Review

I have been using a Sweet Protection Shadrach dry top for the last couple of years when it gets a little warm for a full dry suit. It has served me well has stood up to the test of time. For 2014 Sweet protection have released the new Supernova dry top and thanks to the guys at Sweet I have been able to give one of the new Supernova dry tops in Gunmetal blue a good test for review here.

unsponsored_sweet_supernova (8)

Now I must start off with the fact that Sweet kit is pretty expensive. The Goretex Pro shell Supernova retails at a huge £399. Now that this is out in the open and out of the way lets consider what you are getting for your hard earned cash.

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Level Six Fonz Cag – Review

This cag is extremely light offering great flexibility and freedom in the boat, it also is rather breathable, stopping you get hot and sweaty on those hot summer days, with the good neoprene seals on the cuffs and neck was surprisingly dry for a single layer cag. However for those who just want to brown your arms there is a short sleeve version available.

Even during wet cold blustery days the cag offered decent protection keeping you dry and warm. Given the extra freedom it offers, it will be interesting how far into the winter it can be used.

One extra advantage is that the cag’s material is very water repellent shedding water within just a few shakes, this means the cag dries very quickly and means you can have a morning session and the cag would be dry within an hour. Meaning you get dry kit for the next session.

Attention to detail on ALL level six kit is superb, the taping and stitching on the seams is just flawless. The cag uses a double strap system to tighten the waste giving a comfortable yet watertight seal between you, the deck and the cag. A key pocket is also located in the chest area, but made accessible when wearing a BA.

Overall the cag is a delight to wear, and would be ideal as a spring/summer/autumn cag, and as it has a neoprene style seal, makes neck rash a thing of the past.

More information on the entire Level six range available at;


Jules H

Immersion Research Full Conditions Cag

You’ve probably read many cag reviews where the user has just recieved a spanking new cag, taken it off down to the water and had the driest/warmest kayaking experience ever!

Immersion Research Full Conditions Cag

Therefore I have waited a number of weeks and have paddled for many hours wearing the Immersion Research Full Conditions Cag and yes its been the driest/warmest kayaking experience ever! but seriously here’s what I think;

Construction is pretty good, evidence of this can be seen clearly when you check the inside of the cag out. The taping is a master piece, no skimping here. Nice wide tape well secured!

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