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Wavesport – New Outfitting

North East Kayaks and Paddles had a visit from Wavesport today and they showed them the updated outfitting for the Diesel and the D-series of kayaks. They also brought along the kids Fuse 35 which is also now available.

Wavesport - New Outfitting

The Diesel is still available with the Core Whiteout outfitting but now comes in a cheaper version called Blackout which looks pretty cool, it has ratchets in already and can have hip pads put in if required too!

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Nightlines Photography

Nightlines photography – Geoff Otto shows us how using EL-wire (electro luminescent wire) and a creative side can be used to capture a different type of ww scene.


I have been playing around with el-wire now for approx 12 month, its a fantastic product and not too expensive. A 5 metre length is £5+ to the door from online suppliers or from eBay which I where I got hold of it. It’s a little temperamental when first trying it out, but it becomes easier once you’ve set a few lines up. To get the shots, we’ve been timing the evening so we just catch light fading into dark to get the best exposure in the shots. These test shots are something for a bigger project I have in mind in the future with Teesside Uni film crew.

Nightlines Photography

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Palm Equipment Drysuits 2016

Palm have significantly updated their line of drysuits for 2016. Fabric is tougher and the velcro flaps used to cover zips have been completely removed.

Palm Equipment Drysuits 2016

The cut has been improved with less panels and as a result less seams.

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Vote For Fuse

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.28.08

Fuse has made the finals! Whitewater, freestyle and LEDs a truly inspirational combination. Fuse is for me one of the best if not THE best edits of the year. Please vote for Fuse. Continue reading

Fuse – How It All Came Together

FUSE is Dave Wortley’s entry to the Kayak Session Short Film Award 2014. Many of you may have seen the edit over the last few months but here is the background info on what it took to make it happen.


It’s a project I’ve been working on for a few years, I’ve taken lots of photos and videos at Hurley and I wanted to make something new and different. I’ve always been interested in night-time photography, shooting blurry water long exposures and I’ve taken photos at most of the Thames weirs at night where we go paddling. I’ve done a few night-time sessions with lights and had been thinking about a way to film something at night which would be visually interesting. I had thought about using spot-lights or flash-lights but I wanted to find a way to illuminate the kayaker. Continue reading


After many years of thought, months of planning and weeks of editing I’m proud to present this short film entitled FUSE. FUSE is a short creative film which fuses things that don’t normally go together, kayaking and night, water and electric lights.

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Palm Equipment Zenith 2013 – Review

The last Palm dry top I owned was probably a River Tec number from over 10 years ago. Since then I have been using Immersion Research or Sweet. I was therefore pretty intrigued by the new crop of Palm dry tops including the Palm Zenith.

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Palm’s New FX PFD and Updated Fuse Cag

Palm’s New FX PFD and Fuse Cag! from James Bebbington on Vimeo.

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