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Sweet Protection Sabrosa Spray Top – First Look

The new Sweet Protection Sabrosa spray top is something that I have been waiting for from Sweet for some time. In most of my Sweet dry top reviews I have mentioned that a short sleeve version would be a great idea and it seems Sweet have listened.

Sweet Protection Sabrosa Spray Top - First Look

The cut and construction of their long sleeve tops and drysuits is superb so I am glad to see a short sleeve version coming to market.

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Sweet Protection Intergalactic 2016

We’ve been running the newest Sweet Protection Intergalactic drysuit for a year after running version 1 for just over a year. It’s now time for some feedback.

First and foremost this is an expensive suit at around £900. It must therefore function at the very highest level to payback some of those pennies.

Unsponsored-dagger-nomad-2016 207

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Sweet Protection Supernova 2016 – First Look

We had a box of goodies arrive at Unsponsored HQ last week containing lots of gear from Sweet Protection.

Sweet Protection Supernova 2016 - First Look

One of the first items out of the box was the Sweet Protection Supernova 2016.

Unsponsored-Sweet-Protection-Supernova-2016 4

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Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit – Another Perspective

Another great perspective on the Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit.

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Sweet Protection Jailbreak Jacket

This is somewhat of a different product from Sweet. Sweet are well known for their great kayak and snow sports kit but the Jailbreak jacket offers something a little different. The Jailbreak is essentially a light weight mountain jacket suitable for a range of activities.

Sweet Protection Jailbreak Jacket

It’s not a jacket for on water use. I have so far used the Jailbreak while I have been mountain biking, climbing and hill walking. Think of the Jailbreak as an Arcteryx Beta LT and you would be along the right lines.

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Sweet Supernova Dry Top – First look

A few weeks ago the new Sweet Protection Supernova dry top arrived at Unsponsored HQ.

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Kokatat GoreTex Meridian Drysuit – Review

Nick Pearce gives us his views on the Kokatat Meridian Drysuit (Goretex).

So, for the last 6 months I have been using the very well tried-and-tested Kokatat GoreTeX Meridian drysuit. Before this suit I used an array of dry suits from the likes of Palm and Level 6.

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Arcteryx Atom LT Jacket – Review

Arcteryx is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Now I must admit I love Arcteryx as I find the fit to be perfect for my build. Read on to find out what I think about the Arcteryx Atom LT Jacket.

Arcteryx Atom LT Jacket

I own fair bit if Arcteryx kit and actually wish I owned more. However the bank balance won’t allow it. Out of all of the kit I own the Arcteryx Atom LT jacket and Arcteryx Atom LT hoodie get the most use. Construction, materials and fit are identical with the hood being the only difference between the two. Within the Atom LT range is also the sleeveless waistcoat version.

In total I have probably owned at least one of these for around two years. However the jacket is my main goto insulated jacket. I will often go for this over a fleece, including windstopper versions I own.

Arcteryx Atom LT Jacket

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Sweet Protection – Intergalactic And Other New Products

You can always tell when a new product is on its way when the manufacturer starts to update their website. Sweet Protection have done just this over the last couple of days.

Sweet Protection

The Intergalactic drysuit which I tested last year is now up and will be available shortly. In addition they also have some details on the new Supernova dry top.

Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit – First Look

Earlier this week a box arrived from Norway containing a very new, hot off the press dry suit – The Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (19)

This is of course the highly anticipated Intergalactic Drysuit. Very few details of this actually exist and the number of images are very limited. In fact most have already been on Unsponsored. However I’m now in a very fortunate position of being able to check out the Intergalactic up close and get to give it a go on the water.

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