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New Dagger Nomad

After 12 years Dagger Kayaks have redesigned the Nomad. The new Nomad will be available January 2016.

New Dagger Nomad

UPDATE: First paddle impressions of the Nomad can be found here.

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Wave Sport News

Last week, Confluence Outdoor announced that as Wave Sport enters its 30th year, it is being refocused as a European brand, where it enjoys a strong, passionate and loyal following as a premium white water kayak brand.

Wavesport News

Moving production to Europe provides greater flexibility to add depth across popular models, to support additional market segments and to provide a broader appeal to suit European requirements and tastes. This approach has already proved to be successful for Wave Sport, as showcased by the appeal of the specially tailored outfitting of the Ethos and D-Series families which was a result of the understanding and know-how gained through years of experience in Europe.

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Spade Kayaks – Ace Of Spades Images

The following images of the new Ace Of Spades are hot off the press from the guys at Spade Kayaks.

Ace Of Spades 1

The images (apart from the last one) are photographs of the production kayaks.

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Jackson Fun – Launch

It looks like the river running, fun to paddle/play kayak is back. Everyone doesn’t need a creeker all of the the time. This exactly what the guys at Jackson Kayak think, so to that end Jackson have just finished their first production of the new Fun in the 2014 mold. Looks like it could be a winner.

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