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Bike2Boat Alps

I love watching videos that have a good dose of adventure and Bike2Boat Alps has stacks of adventure. The team made up of Olaf Obsommer, Jens Klatt, Adrian Mattern and Bren Orton travel 750km distance and 8000m of climbing with their paddling gear moving from river to river by bike. By removing the need for motorised transport the guys manage to complete the adventure with a low ecological impact.

Bike2Boat Alps
Bike2Boat Alps

Carrying some much kit on a trailer towed behind a bike with cooked brakes makes for some scary/comedic downhill action.

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2min in Oetz

2min in Oetz from Nouria Newman on Vimeo.

North Alps Trip Log – Austria & Switzerland

Mark Mulrain along with a few friends spent a couple of weeks out paddling in the North Alps. Mark has kindly agreed to his North Alps trip log being published on Unsponsored.

The log details the runs and overall costs incurred during the trip. This should prove to be a useful guide for anyone thinking about paddling out in the Alps. Prices are correct for July 2012 and exchange rates are based upon the published rates on the 23/07/12.

Austria 2012 – 4 Groups of 1 from Mark Mulrain on Vimeo.

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