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Outfitting The Jackson MixMaster Kayak

Outfitting The Jackson MixMaster Kayak – learn how to outfit this slicey kayak, the Jackson kayak MixMaster.

Outfitting The Jackson MixMaster Kayak

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Wavesport – New Outfitting

North East Kayaks and Paddles had a visit from Wavesport today and they showed them the updated outfitting for the Diesel and the D-series of kayaks. They also brought along the kids Fuse 35 which is also now available.

Wavesport - New Outfitting

The Diesel is still available with the Core Whiteout outfitting but now comes in a cheaper version called Blackout which looks pretty cool, it has ratchets in already and can have hip pads put in if required too!

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Choosing The Right Helmet

Choosing the right helmet is extremely important part of getting your safety gear correct. A poorly fitting helmet may be as effective as not wearing one at all.

For any helmet it always comes down to the fit, coverage, protection offered, intended use and paddler ability.


These factors change for each person and the best way to judge these factors is with comparisons to known entities:

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Outfitting Modifications

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 07.15.24

My set of modifications that I worked up for the Fluid Kayaks 2013 outfitting. I highly recommend the 2014 outfitting, but the boats with 2013 outfitting are on sale for super cheap right now, so it might be worth your time to make these changes to get the outfitting super stable and durable. Continue reading

Kayak Safety Features

Kayak design has moved on so much since I started to paddle. The level or difficulty at which people paddle is owed in some part to the change in kayak design over the years.

Kayak Safety Features

I currently paddle a Recon 93 and despite it being used for pretty much the same stuff as my first plastic kayak – an Ace Swing, yet the technology and features are simply worlds apart.

So if you are looking for a kayak packed full of safety features what are you actually looking for?

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Helmets And Fit

One of my pet hates is folk who do not wear their helmets correctly. That goes for cyclists, climbers, paddlers, whoever. The main purpose of any helmet is to prevent the wearer being severly injured if they hit their head. Helmets and fit is an important concept.

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Seat Padding

The plastic seat most manufacturers install in their kayaks is molded to generic size even if the kayak is available in several different sizes. To get the most of any kayak design it is important that it fits you well. This means that all contact points – seat base, seat sides, back rest, foot rest and thigh braces should be adjusted/customised to fit your body. In this post I’m going to concentrate on the seat and what you can do to improve fit.

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