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Spade Kayaks Playboat

Spade have a new playboat out in the wild. This Carbon version of the “Hot Spot” looks really interesting.

A plastic version is due to follow.

Spade Kayaks – New Paddles

Spade Kayaks have just released details of two new sets of paddles that will be available shortly.

Spade Kayaks – New Paddles

Our first highend Paddles Made in Germany arrived this week. In cooperation with Striebel Designs we can now offer you two paddles for beginner to extreme paddlers!

Spade Kayaks

The Red Stick is made from a carbon and glass mix with a projected of weight of around 1.02kg.

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Spade Kayaks New Boats

It looks like a number of new boats are about to land looking at a post made by Spade Kayaks today.

In the shot is the slicey Joker (top), Royal Flush, Black Jack and Queen (bottom).

The Joker is new and the Queen (Queen of Hearts) has new graphics. Possibly even a 2.0 update.

Spade Kayaks – Royal Flush

Today Spade Kayaks have revealed their third kayak the Royal Flush.

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Spade Kayaks – The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush is on its way. The new kayak will be 276cm long, and 67cm wide. This means the Royal Flush is not designed to fit in the sub 9ft racing category.

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Spade Kayaks – Black Jack

A few more shots of the Spade Kayaks Black Jack.

Spade Kayaks - Black Jack

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Spade Kayaks – Black Jack Detail

We’ve just had this in direct from Spade Kayaks.

Spade Kayaks - Black Jack

Olli Grau has put the following Black Jack detail together:

The Spade Kayaks Black Jack is a modern white water kayak that perfectly bridges the gap between a river runner and a creek boat. High volume and high rocker give him the dry line ability and bouancy that a full on creek boat needs. A flat bottom and a pronounced rail deliver dynamic reactivity even on mellower waters.

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First Year Roundup – The Ace of Spades

It’s always good to hear that others like the same things as you do. We love the Ace of Spades here at Unsponsored HQ and we still have one of the very first as our main kayak.

First Year Roundup - The Ace of Spades

Adrian Mattern speaks about his first year with the Ace of Spades, with footage from Norway filmed by Olaf Obsommer.

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Vive la France

A great France based edit from kayaker Dominik Vogt.

Vive la France

This is a short clip about my trip with my Family and Friends in France. We had a good time. Thanks for all!!!

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Ace Of Spades – Review

We are fortunate at Unsponsored to try some of the best kayaking and canoeing equipment available, but sometimes the weather can be too dry. Thankfully the Gods of rain smiled on the UK once again this summer, so testing and reviews have continued at a pace. The following review looks at the Ace of Spades kayak from Spade Kayaks. The boat has been tested over the last few months across the UK on various pieces of water from stone filled ditches, low volume/high volume burns in Scotland, some of the best whitewater in the glorious county of Yorkshire, whitewater parks and even out at sea.

Spade kayaks is a new kayak company formed in Europe by whitewater legends Hans Mayer, Oli Grau, Matze Brutzman, Jens Klatt, and Jan Haluszka.

The Ace of Spades is a blown molded displacement hull kayak. It has the features that you would expect to see in any whitewater boat – adjustable outfitting, full plate footrest, multiple grab handles, drain bung etc… but many have been executed in a creative/different way.

unsponsored_ace_of_spades_scotland 003

The Ace is designed as a river runner/creeker and is available in just the one size.

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Store Ula 1-5 Eat It

Store Ula 1-5 Eat It

A quick run on the Store Ula waterfalls #1-5. It’s kinda easy to get sidetracked by # 4 but trust me # 5 is a bitch. It’s got a shallow lead in, the line doesn’t excatly send you out the right way and there’s quite a uncomfortable cave at the bottom… ah well, sometimes you’ll just have to eat it! Thanks for Olli and Jobst for pulling me outathere…

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Spade Kayaks – Ace Of Spades Images

The following images of the new Ace Of Spades are hot off the press from the guys at Spade Kayaks.

Ace Of Spades 1

The images (apart from the last one) are photographs of the production kayaks.

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