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Fall Line Canoes – Z Drag Kit

Fall Line Canoes have released this great little bit of kit.

The Basic Z-drag kit with waterproof diagram bag, 2 locking biners, 2 sewn Prusiks, and 10ft of heavy duty webbing. 

Fall Line Canoes - Z Drag Kit
Fall Line Canoes – Z Drag Kit

The diagram colors match up with the gear to make setup quick and simple. 

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Whetman Equipment Python And Ring Pull Prussiks

In the many years that I’ve been dabbling in whitewater kayaking technical rope work has always been the hardest thing for me to grasp – I’ve got it nailed now but not after constant repetition of reading the amazing Ww safety books and practice, practice, practice. I’m all for making things easy and I just wish all those decades ago the whetman equipment system was available. It take the mystique out of the black art of ropes and knots. Takes the worry away from do I have the correct kit and skills.

Whetman Equipment Anaconda And Ring Pull Prussiks

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Top Secret

You’ve go to love a video that starts with Top Secret.

Top Secret

This classified video is from Whetman Equipment and shows their Pig Rig setup. It is well worth a watch.

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Palm Snake Sling – Review

Last year Palm Equipment launched the new Snake Sling.

Palm Snake Sling - Review

The Palm Snake Sling is a 4m length of tape with sewn ends allowing the sling to be used in various different ways when you add a carabiner into the mix. What I really like is the fact that the sewn loops have been created in such a way that it is super easy to get a karabiner in/out of without high risk of snagging. I have a number of pieces of climbing kit with this setup and know that it works really well.

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Pin Kits/Rescue Kit

We are about to run a series of articles on the kinds of kit that paddlers are carrying to get them out of a tricky rescue situation. We are therefore very interested to hear about what kit individuals/groups are carrying/using.

If you are interested in contributing to the series then please either leave a comment on this post or visit the Unsponsored Facebook page and leave a message there.

Pin kit options.

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