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Wahoo Kickr AXIS Action Feet Upgrade

Today I upgraded my 2018 Wahoo Kickr with the new AXIS Action Feet pack.

Wahoo Kickr AXIS Action Feet Upgrade

Whether mashing or spinning, riding in the saddle or out, KICKR AXIS feet let cyclists of all types customize the ride feel, enhance feedback, and experience a more realistic training setup by providing up to 5 degrees of side-to-side movement. KICKR AXIS feet enhance natural movement on the bike by minimizing pressure touchpoints, thus reducing fatigue and allowing you to train longer. KICKR AXIS comes with three stiffness options – easy, medium, and hard – so cyclists are able to to match their unique riding style and preferences.


The pack replaces each of the four floor contact points. It took around 20 minutes to swap the feet out from my KickR and replace with AXIS upgrade.

A cross head screwdriver and a 6mm Allan key were the only tools required.

Each of the new feet are made from what looks like a high density synthetic rubber and are much larger than the ones they replace.

Old foot on the left

The new outrigger foot as shown above comes with three different plastic caps. These caps determine the amount of “give” in the foot. As standard the medium one is installed. Three are supplied soft, medium and hard. I have swapped to the hard one and will work my way back down.

The outrigger feet can be swapped out without taking the bike off the trainer so making some changes later on will be super quick. Incidentally to install the rear and front foot the KickR does needs to be tilted back.

New vs old

The image below shoes the rear foot in place. This is much thicker than the old one that was removed. The instructions supplied with the upgrades indicates that two new M4 bolts are supplied and are to be used to install the foot shown. The box didn’t contain them. The old ones worked just fine. Interestingly the Wahoo website doesn’t have the M4 bolts listed as being “in the box”.

The rear and front feet are help on with cross head bolts. Two for the back and one for the front. All have loctite on the threads.

I haven’t ridden it yet but am looking forward to trying it out. The cost was £65.99. Wahoo don’t currently have stock but Sigma Sport in the UK where I picked up these do.

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  1. Unsponsored

    First ride tonight with the upgraded feet was the Stage 3 of the Garmin Never Stop Cycling Ride series. Bike was in the same position as always.

    The bike is definitely quite with less vibration going through to the rooms downstairs.
    I can definitely detect some additional movement from side to side. It’s either the feet or I’ve cracked the frame. There is no sign of creaking so must be the feet.
    The Kickr is didn’t walk its way out of position like it sometimes did under higher loads.

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