More innovative gear from UK based Whetman Equipment. This time it’s the Ring Pull Prussik.

Whetman Equipment - Ring Pull Prussik

The Ring Pull Prussik provides a simple fast rope grab for hauling on a line in river rescue.

6mm red prussik cord
6mm stainless ring

The device is made of 6mm 16/16 braid red polyester cord which is wrapped three times around a 6mm marine grade stainless ring and secured with a double fisherman’s knot.

There is a rubber rung holding the three wraps tight on the ring and it pre-sets the position of the Fisherman’s knot to be approx 10cm from the ring.

Overall length of the tied cord loop is 33cm. ​

The cord is wrapped around the ring three times which spreads the load and makes it almost twice as strong as a standard prussik.

You can get hold of the Whetman Equipment Ring Pull Prussik from any good canoe/kayak retailer. If they don’t have them ask them to get them in!