We’ve been waiting on these to land for almost a year. Now that they are here we are going to take a quick look at the features and specifications.

Adidas Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex - First Look
Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex alongside the Trailcross Mid

Speaking to a Five Ten rep last weekend it turns out that getting that ankle seal to do its job whilst still being flexible was the reason for the delay.

I bought these direct from Adidas where they retail at £150. A quick search on the Internet and use of the Adidas app will knocked £30 off the RRP.

From Adidas:

All conditions. Any terrain. Made for adventure riding across trails and abandoned dirt roads, these adidas Five Ten mountain bike shoes have the lightweight, cushioned feel of a trail runner. A waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX membrane keeps feet dry and comfortable across wet ground. Stealth® Phantom rubber adds the pedal-gripping power to ride any trail. Neoprene cuffs seal out dirt and gravel. Take the path less travelled.


For those of you you who follow the site you will know that we have had a pair of both the Trailcross Mid and Trailcross LT for over a year and have been impressed with both. Where the Trialcross Mid was let down was the holes within the tongue area that were included for ventilation purposes as these holes could also let water in. So as an all year round boot they were limited.

The Gore-Tex version we have here addresses that issue with a fully sealed outer with a Gore-Tex lining. This makes them the first first flat pedal show to have a full Gore-Tex lining. Now this won’t stop water getting in via the ankle but will still be much drier and therefore more comfortable than non sealed alternatives.

To get the most out of the boots I will be wearing them with MTB trousers rather than shorts. This will allow me to seal the top of the boot under the trousers which will give a pretty good water resistant seal.

Putting the new gore-tex version side by side with the mid you can see there is very little difference. The Gore-Tex version looks slightly more chunky with more and larger protective rubber strips but loses the D30 rubber ankle protection. The neoprene sock remains but unlike the Trailcross Mid doesn’t have any holes.

More protection


Just like the other shoes/boots in the range the midsole has the stiffness required for efficient power transfer to the pedals with carefully mapped flex points to make walking more trainer like. The sole is still made form Five Ten’s legendary Stealth Phantom rubber.

They will be packed ready with my other wet riding gear to be used as soon as possible. It might even be this weekend looking at the weather forecast for the Tweed Valley.