There were a few different option for breakdown paddle joints at Paddle Expo last weekend. Unsponsored took a brief look at each.

First up is from Palm Equipment.

unsponsored-Breakdown Paddles

A simple system that allows for left or right handed setup at 15 degree increments. All plastic so no need to worry about corrosion.

Secondly is Werners system seen here used on both straight and cranked shafts. A little peep hole in the shaft allows you to see the paddle feather setting. I believe these can be set left or right handed in 15 degree increments.

unsponsored-Breakdown Paddles

Lastly is a system that may seem familiar to some. In this case it is being deployed on a set of Robson paddles.

unsponsored-robson- 247

The feather can be set at any angle but a guide is provided if you wish to be more precise.