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Whetman Equipment Python 5m Uses

Rescue tapes are super useful pieces of gear and I would recommend everyone who paddles has one and knows how to use it.

Whetman Equipment Python 5m Uses

This particular one (Python 5m) is from Whetman Equipment who have taken the concept a couple of steps further. This video is also useful for those who use other brands are have made their own as it shows a multitude of ways a tape can be used.

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Pyranha Hooker Thigh Brace Add Ons – First Look

When I was about 16/17, I bought a Pyranha S6 that had these brilliant thigh braces called ‘Hookers’ that you could adjust not only back and forward but rotating them. This allowed you to make them easier to get out by having less coverage of your leg or, in my case, give you as much connectivity in the boat as possible but covering more of your leg.

Pyranha Hooker Thigh Brace Add Ons - First Look

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Watershed Futa Stowfloat – First Look

You will be seeing quite a few Watershed Drybags on Unsponsored over the next couple of weeks. We’ve managed to get most of the range in for review. It’s cost a fair bit but we are very interested in how they perform.

Watershed Futa Stowfloat - First Look

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Liquidlogic Delta V – New Kayak

We’ve posted quite a bit on this new kayak (and here) having seen it appear in number of videos lately. We now have more detail following the official announcement from Liquidlogic today. The boat has been designed by Pat Keller and has a number of new features including the turbo boosters!

Liquidlogic Delta V - New Kayak

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Don’t Leave Home Without It

Don’t Leave Home Without It – that is your breakdown (split) paddle.

Don't Leave Home Without It

Chris Wing from H20 Dreams shows us a great way to store your breakdown paddle system within your kayak. It’s pretty neat.

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Getting Water Out Of My Paddle

It is possible to get water inside your paddle. This can happen when there is a break in the seal on one of joints and water finds its way in or if a blade has been damaged/punctured. There are a number of solutions for “getting water out of my paddle” ranging from the simple to the extreme.

Getting Water Out Of My Paddle

In most cases if water is a problem then it would have found its way into the paddle shaft. However some paddle blades have a hollow or foam core. If punctured a hole can be created that allows the blade to also take on water.

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Black Rapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap – First Look

Since making a move to a new Nikon Camera five years ago I have been using Black Rapid camera straps. The strap of choice to date has been the RS Sport 2 camera strap. The strap is designed to be worn across the body and allows the camera to be carried to the side yet be easily brought up to the eye to take photos. The big advantage of such a system is that the shoulders take the weight of camera gear rather than the neck. I have found this to be a really critical factor when I have been taking photos at an all day event.

Black Rapid Sport Breathe Camera Strap - First Look

The RS Sport 2 has performed faultlessly over the last few years. The Sport strap has been recently updated with a new profile and new materials therefore we have just made the switch to the new Sport Breathe.

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Suunto Ambit Peak 3 – Review Updated

We love tech here at Unsponsored HQ and when we can combine that love with the great outdoors it gives us a warm glow inside. So getting hold of the new (at the time) Suunto Ambit Peak 3 was quite a day.

MY GPS of choice up until very recently was a Garmin Foretrex 401 (as favoured by many members of the armed forces). It did its job well but I didn’t use a great deal of its features apart from getting a GPS location fix when things got a bit sticky. Although it did what I needed it to do technology has moved on and it’s always great to have an excuse to upgrade some tech. The Ambit Peak 3 came recommend from a friend of mine who had used pretty much everything else that was on the market at the time. I have owned the Sunnto Ambit Peak 3 since December 2015 and have used it weekly since that time.

Suunto Ambit 3 Peak - First Look

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Spade Kayaks UK – New Distribution

Daz Clarkson-King and his company Pure Land Expeditions are now distributing Spade Kayaks in the UK. System X will also continue to bring Kayaks into the UK. 

If you didn’t know, Spade Kayaks brought out the Ace of Spades creek boat a few years ago. I own one of the earlier boats off the production line and absolutely love it.

Spade Kayaks UK - New Distribution

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Palm Zenith Dry Top 2017 – First Look

The Palm Zenith Dry top is a midweight whitewater jacket with a comfy GlideSkin neck (no latex)‚ made in XP 2.5-layer fabric. We’ve had the short sleeve version at Unsponsored HQ for some time and it’s our go to summer jacket. The long sleeve version shown landed last week, so we thought we would take a closer look.

Palm Zenith Dry Top - First Look

As you would expect the long sleeve Zenith Dry top is very similar in both fabric, cut and freedom of movement.

The Palm Zenith is available in a mens and ladies version. The Palm Zenith shown here is the mens version.

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Dagger Kayaks – Another Phantom

Brendan Wells posted this image of a new Dagger kayak. It’s another Phantom. The Phantom name is given to most if not all Dagger prototype boats.

Dagger Kayaks - Another Phantom

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Canoe Outfitting – Saddles

Travis Overtstreet has put together this awesome Silverbirch Covert with the help of Matt Toddhunter and Shawn Alexander. The setup allows Travis to swap out the saddles for either solo or tandem use.

Canoe Outfitting - Saddles

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