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Old School Boats For New School Boaters

Now I have sat on this article for some time as no matter what kayaks I list I know that there are a whole load more that would suit the bill. So here it goes, popping the the lid on this virtual can of kayak worms. Let us know your thoughts on the post’s comment section on the site.

Slicey kayaks are on the way back into vogue. After years of super short and relatively high volume playboats the “old school” makes a return.

Hurley – River Thames, UK

Now old school is relative, for some of you out there it may be a blast all the way back to 2010! However for this journey back in time we are going back to the 1990s and early 2000s.

So lets say you were in the market for an old school slicey kayak to rip it up with the new crop of slicey kayaks currently being developed. Or you are silly bored with the bobby high volume short length playboats of late and just want something different. What could you go for?

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Beating Cold Hands

I reckon cold hands are almost worse than cold feet. When my hands get cold they hurt and as they warm back up they really hurt.  If the air and water temperature isn’t too bad then I’ll go through the pain barrier as once my hands are warm they’ll stay warm.  However if it is super cold then its hard to push through the pain barrier as it takes so much longer.  Cold hands will limit your ability to hold stuff. If you aren’t able to hold your paddle then you are pretty stuffed.

Tyne Tour 2018
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Peak UK Rescue Tape

Peak UK have released their own version of the rescue tape.  This bright yellow 5m long tape is constructed from 20mm tubular tape.

Peak UK Rescue Tape
5m of rescue tape
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YKK Zips At Palm Equipment

YKK Zips At Palm Equipment

These new YKK Aquaseal zips look awesome. 

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How To Perform A Throwbag Rescue

In this video Aquabatics Calgary Ltd cover the setup, basic execution and key points of rescuing a swimmer with a throwbag.

How To Perform A Throwbag Rescue

The video assumes you have some knowledge of what a throwbag is and you have a basic idea of how to go about throwing the bag.

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What Has Chris Got In His PFD?

What has Chris got in his PFD?

What Has Chris Got In His PFD?
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Boat History – Update

Having had a bit of kayak geekness with Darren Clarkson-King on Facebook I was pondering over the boats that I have owned since I started paddling at the age of 11. Boat History – Update.

From 1985+:

Fibreglass Gen Purpose – Unknown make/model
Ace Swing
Prijon T Canyon
Eskimo Gambler
Pyranha Microbat 230
Prijon Avenger
Dagger Vertigo
Riot Glide (surf seat)
Necky Gliss
Riot Disco (surf seat)
Prijon Delirious
Prijon Delirium
Prijon Release
Liquid Logic Vision 56
Pyranha 4Twenty
Liquid Logic Ronin 59
Madriver Legend 15
Liquid Logic Biscuit 65
Wavesport Recon 93
Riot Glide (surf seat)
Pyranha Jed
Eskimo Topo Duo
Liquid Logic Stomper
Liquid Logic Flying Squirrel

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Swimming In Moving Water With Chris Brain

If you spend time on or around water at some point you will take a swim.  Check out this great edit form Chris Brain and the guys from Palm Equipment on how to do it right.

Now this doesn’t mean that Chris swims a lot, simply that Chris knows the right way to do it.

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To Throw Or Not To Throw?

Let’s talk safety – To throw or not to throw? 

Nouria Newman posted this question on FB a few days ago.

When someone gets stuck in a hole it’s always a tough call. Do you throw them a line or not?

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Palm Accessories At PADDLEexpo 2018

Palm have a range of new gear for 2019.  

Check them out. 

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Custom Dagger Green Boat 2018

Custom Dagger Green Boat

As a part of our celebration of the 23rd annual Green Race, and to raise money for the Green Race Conservation Project, Dagger Kayaks is “guessing” off this custom Dagger Green Boat tonight at The Salvage Station in Asheville, NC.

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Arcteryx Beta LT – Review

I stumbled across the brand Arcteryx a few years ago before they really hit the UK. I was after a lightweight insulated jacket that wasn’t filled with down so ended up with the Atom LT. I was so impressed with the fit of the Atom LT that I have since managed to create quite a collection of Arcteryx kit. The one thing that was missing was a hardshell. I had been trying to make a decision between an Alpha LT and Alpha SV for months. It didn’t help not having a store locally that actually stocked Arcteryx.

Arcteryx Beta LT - Review

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