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River Signals

River Signals

River signals are key to good communication on the water. But it’s important that the whole crew use and understand the same set of signals.

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Jackson Kayak – Rockstar 4.0

Over three years in development the new Jackson Kayak – Rockstar 4.0 is now available.

Jackson Kayak - Rockstar 4.0

The Rockstar 4.0 is longer, narrower and has more volume that its predecessor.

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On the Brain – A Custom Hand Drawn Helmet By Adventurous Pencil

On The Brain

A one-of-a-kind hand drawn Shuck helmet by Amy Dunis (Adventurous Pencil) … putting an appreciation for the wild places we love down in pen and ink.

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Outfitting The Liquidlogic Homeslice

Outfitting The Liquidlogic Homeslice

Shane gives a run down on how to outfit the new Liquidlogic Homeslice.

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Dagger Kayaks – Phantom North Fork Championships

I thought my Dagger Phantom looked pretty good in red and was the best colour choice until I saw this special Phantom North Fork Championships colour scheme.

Phantom North Fork Championships

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Shuck Helmet From Palm Equipment

The Shuck helmet from Palm Equipment is now available. I got to try on a 3d printed prototype a few years ago and am looking forward to trying the real thing.

Shuck helmet from Palm Equipment

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Dagger Kayaks – Adjusting Seat Outfitting for Smaller Paddlers

Outfitting for Smaller Paddlers

Team Dagger Athlete Adriene Levknecht walks you through how she, as a 5’2″ paddler, adjusts her Dagger Contour Seat Outfitting for a comfortable safe fit even in a big high volume whitewater kayak like the Phantom or Greenboat.

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Buyers Guide – 2nd Hand Kayaks And Canoes

With the RRP of most whitewater kayaks hitting the dizzy heights of £900-£1000 buying second hand has a great deal of appeal. There are hundreds of unsused boats out there lurking at the bottom of gardens or getting in the way in garages.

You can find adverts for 2nd hand boats listed on Kayak/Canoe Forums, Facebook groups and of course sites like ebay. If you can it is always best to see the boat in person as you will potentially be buying something that will cost 100s of pounds and will need to take you safely down whitewater.

I am going to give a quick run down of what to look out for if you decide to go down the 2nd hand route. I’m also going to focus on the plastic kayaks that the vast majority of paddlers use.

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Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts – First Look

We have a pair of the new Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts in for review at Unsponsored.

Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts - First Look

The Shazam Shorts are Sweet’s take on the classic board short but tailored specifically for the paddlesport market.

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Soul Waterman – Proton Paddle

The Soul Waterman – Proton paddle is hitting production.

Soul Waterman - Proton Paddle

From Corran:

After some soul searching (pun intended) of our ultimate goals with the paddle line, we once more have the paddles ready to go. The biggest focus…. the main reason for delays… was making the paddles bomb proof. Like seriously strong. For this we decided to move the production to South Africa, one of the harshest environments you’ll ever find for paddling equipment. If stuff lasts here, it’ll last anywhere.

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Pyranha Ripper – Review

I’ve been boating for well over 30 years so have been well placed to see the development of the sport and particularly the design of kayaks. Kayak manufacturers are now looking back to the longer slicey kayaks that were around in the late 1990s and early 2000s and I for one am really happy that longer slicey kayaks are back. I will say now that if you have only ever paddled poppy high volume short boats or super stable creekers then you need to find yourself a slicey kayak to try. At 9ft long (medium) the Pyranha Ripper could be a contender.

Pyranha Ripper - Review

The Pyranha Ripper is one of the first modern slicey kayaks to come from one of the major players in the game that has also been widely available here in the UK. At 6ft 2″ and 200lbs I am above the recommended weight limit for the medium Ripper (145-190lbs). Nevertheless, that is the kayak I am reviewing here. In addition to the medium the Ripper is also available in small with a weight guide of 88 – 165lbs with a large sized Ripper available very soon.

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Palm Equipment Meander Highback PFD

Designed for use with kayak/canoes with high backrests the Palm Equipment Meander Highback PFD looks very different to the PFDs we normally see.

Palm Equipment Meander Highback PFD

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