From Kokatat:

Big News! The release of our newest limited edition life vest, a collaboration art piece by Watercolorwoods is HERE!

Kokatat Hustle And HustleR Limited Edition

Artwork on Hustle & HustleR life vests celebrates the removal of 4 dams from the Klamath River watershed, located from the southern Cascades in Oregon, through northern California to the Pacific coast.

The Klamath drains almost 12,000 square miles and is one of the most important North American rivers for anadromous fish migration, including Salmon and Steelhead. This is the largest dam removal project in US history.

The stunning artwork is rich in color & features the klamath river flowing free through the broken dam. All elements in the vest represent flora & fauna of northern california & the klamath river drainage. We are proud to celebrate the unfailing influence of our local Native American tribal communities and associations, who have inhabited the Klamath basin for more than 7000 years, in their many-years effort to restore this important watershed in Kokatat’s backyard.

A portion of the profits from the sales of the Klamath Limited Edition Hustle & HustleR Life Vests will go to Rios to Rivers & American Whitewater hitewater to help support their ongoing efforts in dam removal, restoration, and creating a community that understands the importance of free-flowing rivers.