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Swimming In Moving Water With Chris Brain

If you spend time on or around water at some point you will take a swim.  Check out this great edit form Chris Brain and the guys from Palm Equipment on how to do it right.

Now this doesn’t mean that Chris swims a lot, simply that Chris knows the right way to do it.

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To Throw Or Not To Throw?

Let’s talk safety – To throw or not to throw? 

Nouria Newman posted this question on FB a few days ago.

When someone gets stuck in a hole it’s always a tough call. Do you throw them a line or not?

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Sweet Protection Strutter 2019 – First Look

Here it is a Sweet Protection Strutter 2019. These things won’t be out until well into 2019 but we have one right here at Unsponsored to check out, wear, use and review with the help of North East Kayaks and Paddles.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

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Peak UK River Wrap PFD

There have been a number of new PFDs on show at Paddle Expo 2018 and Peak UK have the new River Wrap PFD. This really stands out as a pretty innovative design.

Peak UK River Wrap PFD

Check it out.

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HF Little Fish Throwbag

HF have finally gone to clean line throwbags and have removed the plastic tubing. This can be seen on the newest bag the Little Fish.

Interestingly this bag steps aways from the usual cylindrical bags we normally see.

Clean PFD?

What are your thoughts on adding gear onto the outside of your PFD?

Clean PFD

Do you keep it clean?

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Palm Shuck Helmet – First Look

After a few years in development Palm Equipment has revealed the Shuck helmet. I tried out a 3D printed Shuck almost two years ago but was sworn to secrecy. It took a few days to print and was super heavy.

Palm Equipment Shuck - First Look

Roll on a couple of years and the Shuck has been released into the world.

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Astral Greenjacket Limted Edition 10 (LE10)

For the last nine years Astral have released a special (limited) edition of their Greenjacket PFD. 2018/19 is no exception.

Astral Greenjacket Limted Edition 10

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Shred Ready Zeta

It’s been a while since Shred Ready launched a new helmet for the paddlesport market. Over the last few days they have been showing parts of the new Shred Ready Zeta.

The Zeta is a peaked helmet that uses the BOA 3 retention system.

What do you think?

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Phil Miller’s Epic – Classic Foot Entrapment

I wanted to take a week before I wrote this, to gain some perspective, but last Saturday I barely survived a classic leg entrapment on my local run, my comfort river, on a Grade 3+ feature. Here is what happened.

Phil Miller's Epic - Classic Foot Entrapment

I’ve been paddling white water for 6 years and intensely for the last 4. I’m competent and confident and I’ve probably run that feature 200 times, and I haven’t swum it in over a year. It’s not a feature that I’m nervous about – it’s an everyday feature of the river for me and last Saturday I had run it 4 times before the entrapment happened on the 5th.

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River Signals

River Signals

River signals are key to good communication on the water. But it’s important that the whole crew use and understand the same set of signals.

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On the Brain – A Custom Hand Drawn Helmet By Adventurous Pencil

On The Brain

A one-of-a-kind hand drawn Shuck helmet by Amy Dunis (Adventurous Pencil) … putting an appreciation for the wild places we love down in pen and ink.

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