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Prijon 2B – More Images

Prijon have recently released some images of the new Prijon 2B Duo/Tandem kayak. As with all Prijon kayaks the 2B is blow moulded and starts life as a tube.

Prijon 2B

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Prijon 2B – Duo Kayak

We’ve had a few details sent through to Unsponsored about the new Prijon 2B kayak and have even seen a mini printed model. So if you are after a Duo or Tandem whitewater kayak you now have a little bit more choice.

Prijon 2B - Duo Kayak

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Spade Kayaks – Royal Flush More Detail

Spade Kayaks have recently released more images and specifications of the new Royal Flush. Check them out.

Spade Kayaks - Royal Flush More Detail

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That Liquidlogic Kayak Again

It’s that Liquidlogic kayak again. Ryan Mcavoy has one of those slicey Liquidlogic prototypes and has posted a number of videos on-line. From other posts we know that this yet un-named kayak (Update: looks like the kayak is going to be called the Homeslice) is going into production. I would like this one to be my next playboat.

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Dagger RPM – Custom

This beauty is the custom Dagger RPM created by Dagger UK/Palm Equipment for the 2018 National Student Rodeo. Due to severe weather conditions in the UK the event had to be cancelled. So this kayak is up for grabs.

Dagger RPM - Custom

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Spade Kayaks – Royal Flush

Today Spade Kayaks have revealed their third kayak the Royal Flush.

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Pyranha Kayaks – Custom Colours

As well as a number of the other large players Pyranha Kayaks also offer a custom colours service through their dealer network. Choose your colours for the boat and the anodised hardware and off you go.

Pyranha have been posted quite a few images of the custom colours that are currently leaving the UK factory. He are just a few.

Pyranha Kayaks - Custom Colours

What custom colours would you go for?

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100% Biased Review Of The Pyranha Ripper

Bren Orton gives us his thoughts on the new Pyranha Ripper.

100% Biased Review Of The Pyranha Ripper

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Spade Kayaks – The Royal Flush

The Royal Flush is on its way. The new kayak will be 276cm long, and 67cm wide. This means the Royal Flush is not designed to fit in the sub 9ft racing category.

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Guigui Prod Shinobi Composite Creek Boat

Guigui Prod have released this promo video showing the new Shinobi in action. The Shinobi is a composite creeker.

Guigui-Prod Shinobi Composite Creek Boat

The design of the hull has come about through the collaboration of Guigui Prod and the Easy Kayak Team.

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Guigui Prod Helixir 2018

Check out these great images of the new 2018 Guigui Prod Helixir.

Guigui Prod Helixir 2018

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Jackson Kayak MixMaster

2018 looks like it is going to be a good year. The new MixMaster from Jackson Kayak looks like it will shred. Can’t wait to try one.

Jackson Kayak Mix Master

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