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Customised Kayak Vinyl Wrap

Scott Moritz over at SMD Wrapz has completed this great vinyl wrap on a Pyranha Molan play boat.


It looks pretty sweet. Continue reading Customised Kayak Vinyl Wrap

Liquidriot Duo Kayak – The Build

The Liquidriot seen in a previous post was photographed a few days ago. In the three days following the post over 12k people have viewed it, which is quite simply incredible.

unsponsored_NSR_2015_ (3)

The Duo was hand crafted by Newcastle Uni paddlers – Jacob Collings, Matt Rose, Catherine Sanderson, and Angus Mackay. The guys behind the Liquidriot kayak have kindly sent some images of their creation being put together.

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Liquidriot Duo Kayak

Somethings shouldn’t work but they just do. How about creating a Duo kayak from a couple of damaged creek boats that you might have lying around? Sounds pretty good, a nice little weekend project.


Here’s some inspiration from the UK, the home of 19th century industrial dominance – the LiquidRiot Duo kayak. Continue reading Liquidriot Duo Kayak

Dry Suit – Zipper Repair

A great little edit from Kokatat that will be useful to any paddler who owns a dry suit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 07.26.55

Kokatat dry suit care and maintenance. For more information go to Continue reading Dry Suit – Zipper Repair

Composite Kayak/Canoe Repair

How to patch a canoe slalom boat – the video below is a time lapse of how to patch a canoe slalom boat. To help you out I have made a detailed written description of the process I went through of how to patch a canoe slalom boat. I would like to say a special thanks to Easy Composites who provided me with the repairs equipment for this video, if you need any resources to do your repair make sure to head over to their website

Boat Repair Time Lapse

To complete this repair I only used the equipment and products I have in my canoe slalom repair kit. This step by step guide on how to patch a canoe slalom boat, I hope you are able to repair your boat. Continue reading Composite Kayak/Canoe Repair

Pyranha Thighbrace Install

Lots of people lately have been purchasing Pyranha club spec boats and asking about upgrading the boat with thigh braces, this is a really simple job to do and will take about 10 minutes to complete.


By adding thigh braces will give you much better control of the boat especially in moving water whilst edging the boat, it also allows you to upgrade to a ratchet backrest with the thigh braces pre drilled to take a ratchet.

Here’s a quick step by step guide to fitting Connect thigh braces into a club spec Z-One. Continue reading Pyranha Thighbrace Install

Outfitting Modifications

Screen Shot 2014-06-22 at 07.15.24

My set of modifications that I worked up for the Fluid Kayaks 2013 outfitting. I highly recommend the 2014 outfitting, but the boats with 2013 outfitting are on sale for super cheap right now, so it might be worth your time to make these changes to get the outfitting super stable and durable. Continue reading Outfitting Modifications

Fluid Kayaks MOD5 Outfitting System Review

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 22.29.45

The new Mod 5 system from Fluid Kayaks looks pretty interesting. Some pretty clever ideas. Continue reading Fluid Kayaks MOD5 Outfitting System Review


I have always used airbags in my boats as they prevent part of the boat filling with water during a capsize. After a recent forced swim I was interested in how heavy my boat was when it was filled with water.

I currently have a couple of liquid logic boats – a Stomper 90 and a Biscuit 65. The Stomper has a volume of 90 gallons or approximately 341 litres. The Biscuit has a volume of 65 gallons or approximately 246 litres.

unsponsored_bucs_teesside35 Continue reading Airbags

Fluid Kayaks – New Outfitting (2014)

Fluid have been working hard developing their new range of outfitting. A great deal of attention has been given to making a system that is easily adapted, relatively light weight yet at the same time remaining highly effective.


10174967_10152134816993354_3650127979027016325_n Continue reading Fluid Kayaks – New Outfitting (2014)

Strap It Down

Flying boats! I have seen it happen and it has happened to my kayak on one occasion. The sinking feeling you get as you see your boat fly off the top of the car isn’t very nice.

In the case of my kayak there was a flapping sound, followed by the clunk of the buckle hitting the car roof followed by a whoosh as two kayaks flew off down the road! Fortunately on both occasions no one was hurt and the damage to the boats minor. If it had been later in the day it could have been a different story.

Tying your boat onto the roof rack correctly is critical. It could save both your kayak and car from serious damage and keep other unsuspecting motorists that little bit safer. Using good quality straps or rope is a must and if the strap/rope is worn then they must be retired.

Continue reading Strap It Down

Pyranha B-Two Connect Outfitting Upgrade

At the end of last year Pyranha released the Burn MK3, if you have had a chance to paddle one its not a bad kayak, one of the best creekers and river runners on the market today, even Tom Parker has put the Everest away, always a good sign. Price £949.

So what to do with the mould of the MK2 Burn, nothing to wrong with the design, has been tried and tested on the worlds hardest white water. This year in the Pyranha range there is a kayak at £599, the Pyranha B-Two hitting the price point for club paddles just breaking into white water or people wanting a coaching kayak. Well its the old MK2 Burn, its been de-speced to hit the price point of other manufacturers, still comes with the yellow grab handles, aluminium rescue points, connect 30 seat, thigh grips, back band, centre foam and full plate footrest, at the price its a bargain.


Now, for an extra £90 you can buy the extra parts to turn this sleeping monster into a full on creeking river running monster. What does £90 get you, well a pair of hip pads including fitting kit, webbing attached to ratchet runners, a pair of ratchets and a pair of guides for the webbing. Continue reading Pyranha B-Two Connect Outfitting Upgrade