Have you wanted a kayak just like the one paddled by Bren Orton?

Unsponsored-Pyranha-Carbon-Jed- 092

Pyranha and P&H have created a pre-preg full carbon version of the hugely successful Pyranha Jed. For those with a big enough wallet it will be available to the general public for around £1800 (TBC) but that is complete with customised graphics top and bottom.

Unsponsored-Pyranha-Carbon-Jed- 091

Unsponsored-Pyranha-Carbon-Jed- 090

Unsponsored-Pyranha-Carbon-Jed- 093

The graphics you can see can be fully customised. They are not embedded within the gel coat, they are actually a vinyl wrap. I found this to be a very interesting move that could have quite a wide appeal.

What do you think?