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Palm Equipment Lightning Throwbag – First Look

When we first shared the video showing the new Palm Equipment Lightning throwbag in one of the first comments back was that Palm have made the HF Weasel.

Unsponsored-Palm-Lightning 088

Now as a long term HF Weasel user I can see there are clearly comparisons to made.

Firstly they are both very compact bags with rope of a similar weight and length, and will no doubt appeal to the same paddlers who would be after a compact throw bag.

Where the Lightning differs is as follows:

The line is attached to a short length of tape. It is this tape that exits the bottom of the bag to clip in a carabiner. The Weasel’s rope exits the bottom of the bag and when it is purchased includes a clear piping. This needs to be removed and the loop shortened if you want to use a clean rope system.

Unsponsored-Palm-Lightning 084

The opening of the bag is huge and is stiffened. The construction is very similar to that used in a climbing chalk bag. The Weasel is easy to pack but the wider neck on the Lightning and the fact it stays open should mean that it will be even easier to repack.

Unsponsored-Palm-Lightning 085

Lastly the clip. It is a bayonet type clip that contains a magnet. This helps position the two parts against each other in the correct way and it then simply snaps together. I am very impressed with how it works and am interested to see how it performs over time.

Unsponsored-Palm-Lightning 087

Unsponsored-Palm-Lightning 086

The colour is pretty cool as well!

Expect to see the Lightning throw bag in 2016.

Retailers such as Northshore Watersports and North East Kayak and Paddles will have plenty of stock and can ship world wide.


  1. Andapo

    The Palm Throw bag with it’s features looks good, it is essential to have this gear when one is into whitewater paddling for sure.

  2. kayakjournal

    Looks great! Will definitely be getting one of these when it is released.

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