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Kayaking The Lower Rauma Norway

Bren Orton catches some great lines while kayaking the lower Rauma.

Kayaking The Lower Rauma

Epic day kayaking on the Lower Rauma at high flows, this river is so incredibly sick! Check it out!

I can’t show you guys all of the shots that we took that day because we’re saving them for a longer edit that is coming out in about 3 weeks! Keep your eyes peeled because it is going to be sick!

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How To Paddle Through An Island

This is Umfin Island, which lives 3 km west of Gweedore, Donegal and is uninhabited except for a couple of thousand ground nesting sea birds. The short film shows Iain Miller paddling through a 300 metre sea cave tunnel which passes right through the middle of the island from the Atlantic to the Gweedore side.

How To Paddle Through An Island

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The Zambezi – Minus Rapids

A great edit from Shane Raw. Check it out.

The Zambezi - Minus Rapids

Got to join Tyler Bradt on his first lap of the Minus Rapids on the mighty Zambezi and the highest level I have run them so far. Tyler chose a tricky line down the far left in his longer boat but I wasn’t happy about making the crux move in my little play boat so I opted for plugging the mainline… which turned out to be rather sporting!!

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Thuli Spirit

The Rivers of Nepal have long enchanted my imagination. The adventures they provide seem endless. As we progress in life we sort after new challenges. Dreams lay plans like eggs waiting to hatch. The idea of Soloing a longer river has captured my imagination for sometime now.

Thuli Spirit

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UNVERGLEICHLICH is a short film by Jonathan Brunner.


UNVERGLEICHLICH is the German word for “incomparable”. This edit had its premier at Olaf Obsommer’s Kajakfilmfestival, a month ago.

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Seven Teacups – 4K Aerial Perspective

Water can do some amazing things. Check out this edit from Matt Skuta. It shows the Seven Teacups waterfalls on the Kern river. Simply awesome.

Seven Teacups

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Kayak Expedition Peru

In September 2016 Jan Praprotnik, Andrej Bijuklič, Matjaž Lužar and Jure Stan went to Peru to kayak multidays. Alonso Compana ”Rambito” (Apuramic explorer rafting agency) kindly hosted us in his house (gracias amigo). First we stormed to the Urubamba to get the feeling of Peruvian rivers. It is there were we all met. Next on the menu were some clasics. Paucartambo to warm up (3 days), Apurimac abismo canyon (3 days), Pachachaca (3 days).

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Andrew Morrissey South America Highlights

Andrew Morrissey South America Highlights

It’s been a long ride with many ups and downs but in the end I’m beyond stoked with the outcome. 34 new rivers, 10 first descents, and many new lifelong friends. South America has provided the experience of a lifetime, I’ll be forever grateful and glad for all the long hours of work that paid for this adventure. From the jungles of Brazil to the deserts of northern Chile then South down the country to deep Patagonia.

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Humla Karnali 2016

Kailash, that proud mountain in Tibet, the source of the mighty Indus, Karnali, Sutlej and Siang. These rivers carving deep from the high Himalayas, draining all the way to the lowlands. The lofty heights are a sacred site for 4 of the world’s religions, Buddhism, Jain, Hindu and Bon. The mighty Karnali flowing, as it does, in the Hindu country of Nepal can easily be seen as coming from the throne of Shiva. It is no wonder that just to go kayaking the Karnali, the Humla, or the tributaries offers the chance for spiritual awaking. It is a place that offered more than a simple set of strokes. A place where thoughts can come without the stress of modern life.

When Lord Krishna manifested before Arjun, before the words were stolen by Oppenheimer, when the Gita was pure and undiluted, its sole intent to motivate Arjun, ‘Now, I am become death, the destroyer of worlds’. That’s what this river did.

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A Canadian

Its a Canadian aka a Canoe

Paddling down under in New Zealand is wonderful. Amazing water, brilliant people and fun all around. It also is pretty fun when someone pulls up beside you and refers to your boat as “a Canadian”.

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Car Park of Dreams – Kaituna River

“And here is a Magical Place, where the Warm Water flows and Laughter Abounds.”

Car Park of Dreams - Kaituna River

For the past couple years, I have heard about the Kaituna river. How it is a great training ground and how its just an amazing river. Showing up and spending time there, I came to realize that yes, the river is amazing. But even more awesome is the small community of boaters living at the take out. Day in and out, waking up and paddling together. Living in this weird, wonderfully strange community. A magical place where the hour or the day is irrelevant. A place where swimming the river or number of laps down is the only relevant thing from day to day.

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A Return to Nepal – Episode 2: The Bhote Koshi

A Return to Nepal - Episode 2: The Bhote Koshi

Luke Partridge and Jamie Greenhalgh return to one of their favourite White water kayaking destinations on the planet, Nepal.

This time with a big objective in mind, the mighty Humla Karnarli!

Follow this series of episodes as they prepare for their expedition and tag along on some of the best whitewater in the world!

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