Antix – Upper Gauley

Though every run that I have gotten the new Antix on has been dope, I have been waiting for the chance to get it on the Upper Gauley. I just knew it was gonna be so fun, and the ultimate boat for it. I was definitely not disappointed, it was better than I expected. With the 2.0 it just seemed like there were 10x as many moves as there was before, all the way down to even the final rapid. Every little seam was possible to hold an endless squirt, and the ferries and moves were even better with that extra speed. It didn’t hurt that I got to paddle with Stephen and Clay who had been there all summer, so they were able to show me all the new moves they had found. I was absolutely exhausted by the end, but I could do that day after day, and continue to find new moves every time. It was glorious.

Dane Jackson