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Yak High Back 60N – First Look

We first saw the Yak High Back 60N last year at Paddle Expo 2015, since then the initial concept has been developed and has gone into production.

Yak High Back 60N

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Peak UK Racer ST

A couple of weeks ago Peak UK announced their release of the new Racer ST line of PFD/Top Deck all in one combos. They have since release the following info and video. Check it out.

Peak UK Racer ST

The new Racer ST is a unique and ground breaking three-in-one garment that combines a paddling jacket with spray deck and buoyancy aid for the ultimate streamlined performance. The Racer ST holds around 30 percent of it’s flotation in its spraydeck, meaning now there’s less than 20mm of flotation foam on the athlete’s body.

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Student Kayak Gear Buyers Guide 2016

Although this buyers guide is directed at students in reality it will apply to anyone thinking about taking up the sport. Over the next few weeks many students will be starting Uni and will be looking at joining a club. In most cases the Kayak/Canoe club in a university will be the best club to join.

unsponsored_nsr_20140 (1)

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Peak UK Racer ST – First Look

Peak UK have launched their new Racer ST. This revolutionary garment was four years in development and collaboration between Peak UK, British Canoeing and the English Institute of Sport.

Peak UK Racer ST - First Look

The Racer ST combines a cag, deck and PFD into one single piece of gear. We’ve seen and used cag decks (top decks)from Peak UK in the past and they have been a firm favourite at Unsponsored HQ, but adding the PFD element takes this to a whole new level.

The PFD/Cag/Deck combo was used by Joe Clarke, David Florence & Richard Hounslow in Rio this year.

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Glide Inflatable Waistbelt PFD

The Glide Inflatable Waistbelt PFD from Palm Equipment is designed for users such as those using a SUP who don’t want to wear a conventional PFD. We had a look at the Glide PFD late last year and were pretty impressed by its design and reusability.

Glide Inflatable Waistbelt PFD

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Time For A New Personal Flotation Device

Many people are oblivious as to when their Personal Flotation Device (PFD) has reached the end of its functional life. An easy indication of when you ought to get a new Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is when you can’t read the label on the inside. When the label starts to deteriorate to the point you can’t read it, the flotation has probably started to deteriorate as well.

Time For A New Personal Flotation Device

To say I’m picky about my PFD, how it fits, and what I carry in it, would be a massive understatement. If you spend the number of years having fun on the water that I have, you will encounter your share of rescue situations. What you have on your chest will be the tools at your disposal to fix those situations.

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Palm Equipment – Glide PFD

The new Glide PFD from Palm Equipment is designed for those watersport users who don’t want to wear a conventional PFD on calmer waters.

Palm Equipment - Glide PFD

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PeakUK River Guide PFD – First Look

PeakUK have continued to develop their ever popular PFD range. The River Guide PFD is just one of many that has had a re-design over the last few years. In addition to the Red/Grey colour scheme PeakUK have introduced Blue/Lime to match the new deluxe drysuit.

PeakUK River Guide PFD - First Look

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Yak Greenburg PFD – First Look

I spent a fair bit of time on the Yak stand talking to the guys about their range of products, the design team and the direction the company wants to move in. To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Put it simply they want to make the best designed and functional kayaking/canoeing gear available and with the 2015/2016 line up they may have just smashed it.

Yak Greenburg PFD - First Look

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Kokatat Maximus Centurion PFD – First Look

We don’t see much in the of Kokatat here in the UK so it was great to check out the neat Kokatat stand. On display up front was the Kokatat Maximus Centurion PFD.

Kokatat Maximus Centurion PFD

Now the Maximus Centurion isn’t new as its been available since last year. Previous models have been available in navy or yellow, but this one in orange looks the business.

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Yak Highback PFD – First Look

The Yak Highback PFD shown here is a prototype so some tweaks no doubt will be made before it is finally released in 2106.

Yak Highback PFD

From the front the PFD looks pretty conventional. Quality fabric, good cut, two large storage pockets and plenty of adjustment. However turn it around and it’s a different story.

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Astral Greenjacket 2016 – First Look

If it aint broke don’t fix it. Wise words and something that Astral have done. They’ve looked at the Astral Greenjacket 2016 and just moved it on a little adding to the design to take it up yet another notch.

Astral Greenjacket 2016 - First Look

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