As part of Kokatat’s 50th year in the business they have releasing a number of special editions and new products.

Kokatat Is 50

The HustleR LE is available in the US Coast Guard version.

Kokatat HustleR – LE
Kokatat HustleR – LE

Features on the HustleR remain the same.

The limited edition version of the ŌM Dry Top pays homage to Kokatat founder Steve O’Meara and celebrates Kokatat’s 50th anniversary. Made with the latest GORE-TEX Pro Material. Women’s and Men’s versions are available.

ŌM Dry Top LE

And a collaboration with Dewerstone brings us a Kokakat Life Short 2.0 for both men and women.

Kokatat/Dewerstone Life Short 2.0 LE – Men’s
Kokatat/Dewerstone Life Short 2.0 LE – Women’s