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Pyranha Scorch

Pyranha, like Kokatat are celebrating 50 years in business and today have released images of their new whitewater kayak.

Pyranha Scorch
Pyranha Scorch

The Pyranha Scorch takes elements from the Burn, 9r and Ripper to create a nimble creeker/river runner.

The Scorch will be available in sizes S, M, and L.

Pyranha Scorch
Pyranha Scorch

The medium will be 267cm in length with a 66cm width and the large will be 280cm length with a 68cm width.

The weight of the medium is 21kg and the large is 23kg.

In comparison the Dagger Code is 267cm long and 68cm wide in the medium size and 279cm long and 70cm wide in the large size.

In addition to these standard sizes the Scorch will also come in an ‘X’ version (XL) which takes all the positives of the design and turns them up to 10 (including the length!).

Specification of the small and X model are to be confirmed.

What do you think?

Is this the next stage in the evolution of the whitewater kayak?


  1. Pyranha Fan Boi

    “50 Years of Enthusiasm” has led them to create the Dagger Mamba.

    • Crackerbat

      Not even close… more like an OG with 6 more inches of length.

    • Graeme Barrett

      Somebody call this guy a taxi.. hes had wayyy too much!

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