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Kokatat Is 50

As part of Kokatat’s 50th year in the business they have releasing a number of special editions and new products.

Kokatat Is 50
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Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts – First Look

We have a pair of the new Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts in for review at Unsponsored.

Sweet Protection Shazam Shorts - First Look

The Shazam Shorts are Sweet’s take on the classic board short but tailored specifically for the paddlesport market.

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Palm Equipment – Quantum Neoprene Range

Palm Equipment have just launched the new range of Quantum neoprene gear. The range includes men’s, women’s and children’s long johns, men’s and women’s pants and finally some neoprene shorts. Check them out.

Palm Equipment – Quantum Neoprene Range

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Sweet Protection 2018 – Shazam Shorts

Brand new from Sweet Protection for 2018 are the Shazam Shorts. The neoprene lined Shambala shorts are still in the range for 2018.

Sweet Protection 2018 - Shazam Shorts

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Palm Equipment Skyline Shorts – First Look

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it’s supposed to be the summer here in the UK! However we do have a pair of Palm Equipment’s new Skyline shorts in for review and are looking forward to the predicted heatwave arriving.

Palm Equipment Skyline Shorts - First Look

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Palm Equipment Horizon Shorts (2015) – First Look

The new 2015 Palm Equipment Horizon shorts have just landed at Unsponsored HQ. I have a bit of time to look at them and am waiting on the warmer weather to arrived to try them out on the river. In the meantime here’s a quick run down.

Palm Equipment Horizon Shorts 14

The outer short is contrasted from Nylon 200d, this is very similar to the fabrics used in dry trousers and dry tops. As they are shorts none of the seams are sealed.

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Sweet Protection – Hunter Shorts

For ever and a day I have been using Oakley MTB shorts for all biking duties. They have been my favourite and served me well. However I managed to get hold of some Sweet Protection Hunter shorts to test and have been blown away by the fit, function and design.

Hunter Enduro shorts from Sweet Protection on Vimeo.

So what is so special. Well they fit really well, plenty of adjustment and the fabric has just that little bit of stretch that helps whilst pedalling. Not too tight and not too baggy (for a pair of baggies!). Length wise they sit just over the knee and are wide enough to accommodate knee pads without any issues.

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Dewerstone Life Shorts – First Look

These shorts are what kicked off the production of the new Unsponsored Ts by Dewerstone. I had stumbled upon a post about Dewerstone’s campaign to raise funds to get the shorts into production via Kickstarter. I had heard/seen a fair bit about Kickstarter but this was the first time that I was motivated to invest.

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Sweet Protection Shambala Shorts – Review

Sweet are no strangers to the paddling world and over the years I have tried and owned a fair few items from their range. However earlier this year saw the arrival of the newly updated Shambala shorts. Compared to previous models the new 2014 have a more fitted and articulated fit. In addition to the improvements made to the overall fit the fastenings and adjustments on the shorts have also been tweaked.

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Immersion Research Guide Shorts

Around 15 years ago my favourite paddling shorts were my Playboater Neoprene shorts. Absolutely bombproof, curved to fit you well when sat down etc. Unfortunately too many pies forced the sale of those shorts and I have been on the hunt for a long term replacement for years. I have owned kayak specific and non kayak specific shorts (mainly board shorts) and although all have done a great job I have always moved on to try something else.


My criteria for short choice is pretty simple –

A good fit (both standing and whilst sat in a kayak)
Bomber construction and materials

Fast drying

Value for money

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Palm Horizon Shorts

Whilst looking around the new Palm Equipment website I spotted the Horizon shorts. They look the business and it’s great to see a boating specific short coming to the market.

Chasing the endless summer? The cool surf inspired Horizon shorts hide some clever features. The windproof shell covers a warm, comfortable fleece liner, ideal for warm or cold weather. A neoprene waistband and lace-up closure keep the shorts in place while a roomy thigh pocket holds your keys close at hand.

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Sweet Protection Shambala Shorts

More new kit from my friends at Sweet Protection. This time it is the new updated Shambala shorts.

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