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5 Nutritional Tips For SUP

As you’re no doubt aware if you’re a regular paddle boarder, SUP is more demanding than many give it credit for. Sure, it’s relaxing as well, but at the end of the day it’s a physical exercise that demands a great deal of strength, balance, and focus. Because of this, we should treat it like other sports, which means (among other things) taking careful consideration of what we eat before setting out on the water. You can have perfectly good SUP sessions without worrying about nutrition – but if you’re looking for peak performance you might want to consider some of these foods and ingredients.

5 Nutritional Tips For SUP

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SUP Silver Creek California

Fletcher Burton stand up paddling (SUP) South Silver Creek in California. A superb achievement. This SUP stuff has mileage.


Video of Fletcher Burton’s epic stand up paddling (SUP) descent of South Silver Creek’s 600 foot per mile section. South Silver has always allured whitewater enthusiasts to it’s granite paradise of waterfalls and slides. It was no surprise to us when Fletcher called and wanted to try it’s first SUP descent. The sport of SUP has migrated inland and continues to grow with new vertical descents. Determined to take these “limits” to an entirely whole new level, Fletcher charged it and attempted every drop at least twice (even with a busted leg after Skyscraper).

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