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5 Ways Getting Fit Can Help The Planet

We’ve heard about the numerous health benefits of exercise, but have you also considered how getting fit can benefit the environment? When you start changing your lifestyle habits, take into consideration how they can also benefit the planet, then embark on your journey to become a more sustainable fitness fanatic.

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Product Safety Announcement – 9R II Step-Out Pillar

From Pyranha:

We recently received a report of a paddler becoming temporarily snagged during a wet exit from a 9R II; the paddler believes their footwear became wedged between the top of the plastic step-out pillar and the inside of the kayak.

Although we have been unable to re-create the issue internally, and have had no reports of similar issues elsewhere, we are taking the steps described below as a precaution.

In the 9R II, the top of the step-out pillar is trimmed to match the internal shape of the boat at this point and prevent any concentrated areas of stress on either the deck or the hull of the kayak. Due to the nature of rotomoulding, there are some variations in the resultant gap between the top of the step-out pillar and the kayak; if this gap is large enough to fit the sole of your shoe in, this may present a risk of becoming snagged.

If you believe that the gap in your 9R II is large enough to present such a risk, please contact the dealer from which you purchased the kayak as soon as possible; a foam insert will be provided free of charge which can be installed simply to the existing step-out pillar by the dealer or end-user, filling the space and therefore reducing the potential risk.

Senders EP01

Sit down and get ready for almost 18 minutes of action from the Send Crew – Bren Orton, Adrian Mattern, Dane Jackson, and Kalob Grady.

Senders EP01
Senders EP01
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Nookie Monthly Comp

Enter Nookie’s monthly competition for a chance to win a neoprene cockpit cover.

Link here.

Sweet Protection Rocker – Dagger Kayaks

The Sweet Protection Rocker Dagger Kayaks Edition is now available – Yeah!!!

But is only to paddlers in the USA – Boooo!

Sweet Protection Rocker - Dagger Kayaks
Sweet Protection Rocker – Dagger Kayaks
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Social Media Saturday 13 July 2019

Welcome to Social Media Saturday 13 July 2019 at Unsponsored.

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Palm Equipment Turns Forty

Palm is celebrating its 40th birthday. In 1979, Andy Knight turned making kayaks as a hobby into a business – Palm Glass Fibre Moulding. From a small shed with a leaky tin roof on the Somerset coast with a single secondhand sewing machine to Palm Equipment International ltd, with world class rotomoulding facilities in the UK, its own garment factory in Vietnam and retailers across the globe. 

Palm Equipment Turns Forty
Palm Equipment Turns Forty
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Titan Kayaks Nymph

Titan have a new slicey kayak on the way.

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A first glimpse of the latest boat coming from the Titan Design Team!!! The NYMPH! Playful & graceful this sleek river play machine is all about feeling good on the water. Smooth forgiving rails, tones of rocker with plenty of nose volume to keep you skipping over holes and away from drops, a sexy slicey tail for those down river play moves and on point pivot turns and a hull with some serious speed and agility. With a lot more to say on this boat we’ll be releasing more info as we get closer to it's release this season, so stay tuned…. Or contact us at info@titankayaks.com with any questions. Specs: Length: 274cm | Width: 65cm | Volume: 250lt Special thanks to all the amazing athletes who have had a hand in developing this awesome boat. The Titan Design Team is a growing team of international athletes all with an unreal passion for pushing the sport of kayaking. Design input for the Nymph has come from athletes and designers spanning 7 different countries and we couldn’t be happier with the result of such an unreal collaboration with such talented athletes.

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Steve Backshall – Expedition

Last year Unsponsored noticed on social media that Steve Backshall was kayaking in Bhutan within Darren Clarkson-King and Sal Montgomery. Freestyle kayaker James Bebbington is one of the camera operators.

Darren (Daz) has been exploring the Himalayas for over 20 years and with Sal’s amazing track record we just know that the forthcoming TV show will feature an Epic Himalayan back drop, great rapids and is sure to appeal to kayaks and adventure lovers.

With a little digging we have found out that the expediton was for a first descent and is one of a ten part series, all worlds firsts.

The series starts 21 July 8pm on Dave TV – Steve Backshall, EXPEDITON.

Outfitting Kayaks

From the very first moment you sit in a boat you start to get “a feel for it”, how it fits and possibly even how it may perform. As beginners we start off in boats that may be used by many different size paddlers, which results in cockpits being kept clutter free. Loose, comfortable boats feel good on flat water, but they can make leaning and bracing difficult. Once the boat is padded to provide a close, body-hugging fit that still allows for quick and easy water exits, performance can dramatically improve.

Dagger Phantom

This same rule applies to all levels of kayakers, whether they’re paddling easy whitewater, big water runs or creeks. Customised outfitting helps transfer every trace in the river’s current through the kayak’s hull to your body, helping you sense your surroundings, make critical maneuvers and maintain your balance, thus staying upright!

Since paddlers press against their boat’s inner hull with the small of their backs, butts, hips, thighs, knees and feet, it is these key areas that should be customised to match the shape and size of the paddler. To make this as easy as possible I am going to break the cockpit into a handful of sections and tailor each one to help you get the best control possible from your boat. Many boat manufacturers have really stepped up their game and are providing some excellent outfitting as standard in their kayaks. However these systems still need adapting in some way to ensure that they fit YOU correctly.

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Competition Time

Win some Nookie gear:

The June 19 giveaway is a Ti-Vest. Enter here.

Movie Monday 27 May 2019

Welcome to Movie Monday 27 May 2019 at Unsponsored. Stay a while and check this and the rest of site out.

Movie Monday 27 May 2019
Movie Monday 27 May 2019


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