We haven’t updated our GoPro comparison chart for some time due to the original spreadsheet being lost somewhere within the Unsponsored archives. So I typed the 2015 chart back into excel and have added details for the Hero (2018), Hero6, Hero5, and Hero5 Session.

I have not included the GoPro Fusion at this stage as it is quite different from the rest of the range to date due to its 360 degree capabilities. We also have a Fusion in for review.

Things have moved on considerably over these five years. GoPro have reduced the number of cameras in the range with only the Hero (2018), Hero6 and Hero5 remaining in production although you can still get hold of most of the cameras listed in the table.

Unsponsored GoPro Comparison - 2018 to 2013

Currently we have the Hero (2018), Hero6, Hero5, and Hero5 Session cameras at Unsponsored HQ on a permanent basis with the Fusion on loan for review. Details of the SD cards we use with them can be found here.


Hero (2018)
Hero5 Session
Hero4 Black
Hero3+ Silver