The Dagger RPM was a huge success on launch and has continued to be a popular kayak, so much so that it has been relaunched (2013). However the Axiom was designed to be the RPM’s successor and again has gained a huge following.


From Dagger:

The Axiom lives for tail squirts, tight eddies and tearing up the waves that shorter boats simply float past. Also a great learning platform, the Axiom will serve beginners and experts alike with a healthy portion of fun.

The Axiom is very similar to the RPM but has perhaps a little extra volume around the cockpit. Sometimes boats just look right and on first looks the Axiom definitely looks right. Outfitting is solid and adaptable, the bow has plenty of footroom so comfort is good. Newer boats are also available with the new Contour outfitting system which is simply superb.


The Axiom felt a lot like paddling the Dagger RPM and Redline. Speed and length allow you to catch just about any wave and the Axiom will happily surf all day. It’s sporty but won’t catch you out. It’s a great deal of fun but you must remember it’s not a modern day creek boat and you do need to ensure that you maintain good edge control. That said the Axiom is still quite forgiving making it great for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike.


The Axiom is a great all-rounder. I would happily have one as my single boat of choice. If you are into river-running, surfing and a little bit of park n’ play then the Axiom will be bang on.


The Axiom is available in three sizes.

Dagger Axiom 8.0

Length: 8′ / 244 cm
Width: 24.5″ / 62 cm
Max Capacity: 150 lbs / 68 kg
Deck Height: 12″ / 30 cm
Weight: 34.5 lbs / 16 kg
Cockpit Length: 34″ / 86 cm
Cockpit Width: 19″ / 48 cm
Paddler Weight: 90 – 150 lbs / 41 – 68 kg
Volume: 51 gal / 193 L

Dagger Axiom 8.5

Length: 8’6″ / 259 cm
Width: 25.5″ / 65 cm
Max Capacity: 210 lbs / 95 kg
Deck Height: 13.5″ / 34 cm
Weight: 42 lbs / 19 kg
Cockpit Length: 34″ / 86 cm
Cockpit Width: 19″ / 48 cm
Paddler Weight: 130-210 lbs / 59-95 kg
Volume: 63 gal / 238L

Dagger Axiom 9.0

Length: 9′ / 274 cm
Width: 27.75″ / 69 cm
Deck Height: 14″ / 36 cm
Weight: 45 lbs / 20 kg
Cockpit Length: 34″ / 86 cm
Cockpit Width: 19″ / 48 cm
Paddler Weight: 180-287 lbs / 82-130 kg
Volume: 78 gal / 295 L