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GoPro Button Mod – Sugru

Have you ever got tired of not reaching your gopro on your kayak or want to place it further away to get more landscape shooting? I came up with this solution that works perfectly for me.

I came up with this idea because I got tired of killing the battery time using the gopro remote control or my smartphone. With this button I now easily can use my paddle as a remote simply by pressing the button with my paddle.

GoPro Button Mod

All you need is a good cleaning of the button, some Sugru that by the way also works great for making nose clips and drip edges on your paddle.

GoPro Button Mod

Clean the surface of the botton, shape the Sugru and just stick it on. Let it dry out for 24 hours and you will have the perfect new “remote” for your paddle both in front of the kayak or in the back.

GoPro Button Mod

Sugru comes in several colors, I just made mine in yellow and red that is easy to see.

Good luck with your new and easier way to record your moments 🙂

Words and pictures: Roger Raknes

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  1. Adam J.

    I used some Sugru to repair my noseplugs. It worked well. I’d recommend it.

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