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GoPro Hero9

Apart from the front facing screen it looks pretty similar to the Hero7 and Hero8 editions, but in reality the new GoPro Hero9 is a bigger camera both in terms of its physical size and its capabilities.

The new camera unit is 4.7mm wider that the Hero8 and 22g heavier as it sits at 158g. we will have to see how much more noticeable this will be when fixed to a helmet mount when one lands at Unsponsored HQ.

The increase in size does have its advantages. It gives two colour screens, including a larger rear screen, and a bigger battery (1720mAh compared to 1220mAh) which should see a 30% improvement in battery life. Although a better battery is good news it is a different size to those used in other models meaning that those spares you have for the GoPro Hero7 or Hero8 won’t fit. New batteries run at around £20.

It does however retain the USB-C capability and the GoPro flip mounts. Which will mean that most other mounting systems you have should still be compatible. You don’t have to get rid!

The camera has a removable wider angle lens that can be swapped out for the new Max Lens Mod (not available yet but £90 extra). This mod makes the field of view even wider that the typical GoPro wide angle POV.

This feature also signals the return of the replaceable lens cover (£20).

The camera now gets a 23.6MP sensor that can handle 5k at 30fps and 4k at 60fps which is pretty impressive given its size. For stills including RAW the unit can bang out 20MP shots.

Key Specification:

Built-In Mounting with Folding Fingers
HERO9 Black Mods Compatibility
HyperSmooth 3.0 Video Stabilization
TimeWarp 3.0 Video
SuperPhoto + Improved HDR
Night Lapse Video
Digital Lenses (SuperView, Wide, Linear + Horizon Leveling, Linear, Narrow)
Live Streaming in 1080p
Webcam Mode
Power Tools (HindSight, LiveBurst, Scheduled Capture, Duration Capture)
Voice Control with Wake on Voice
RAW in All Photo Modes
Presets + On-Screen Shortcuts
Intuitive Touch Screen
Touch Zoom
Portrait Orientation
Photo Timer
Rugged + Waterproof to 33ft (10m)
8x Slo-Mo
100Mbps Bit Rate
Face, Smile, Blink, + Scene Detection
Exposure Control
GP1 Chip
Rechargeable Battery (1720mAh Lithium-Ion)
Protective Housing (HERO9 Black) Compatible

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  1. Dejan Smaic

    The GoPro 9 is far better than it’s previous editions, especially with battery life and stabilization. The 5K is large enough to pull stills. The horizon leveling is great. Qualifier: I own 1 GP 3, 3 GP 5’s, 1 GP 6, 2 GP 7’s, a Maxx, and 2 GP 9’s. I did own a Fusion, but it sucked.

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