This review has been sitting on my hard drive for some time! So here it is my thoughts on the Liquid Logic Jefe.

The Jefe (or Boss) has been one of the best creek boats on the market for a while now but has been overshadowed in recent times by the crop of planning hull creek boats such as the Wavesport Recon, and Liquid Logic Stomper. Where the Jefe really differs from these designs is the fact that the Jefe has a displacement hull.

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From Liquid Logic:

As far as we’re concerned, kayaking is all about running rivers. Our lifeblood is paddling rivers, with challenging rapids, in cool places. We brought together dozens of paddling icons and underdogs with thousands of miles of Class V experience to conceptualize, design and test this Jefe; now the most popular creek boat ever produced.

Developed to make creeking more fun and safe by providing maximum confidence to paddlers of all skill levels, this design was finalized after trips worldwide and daily poundings on our backyard Green River Narrows. Whether it be some big-volume beast in the middle of nowhere or your local adrenaline-fix, this ultimate creeker takes care on rivers of any size. The rocker profile and extra volume in the bow eat up big rapids, while the soft chines and added width at the hips provide stability and control during quick transitions. Tried and true, the original Jefe has paddlers smiling all over the world.

Kayaks with a displacement hull have a rounded cross section and tend to be able to plough through the water efficiently due to their rounded shape. On the down side a lack of sharp edges means that the Jefe can be relatively more difficult to keep on track when edging. Moving from a modern playboat to the Jefe takes a little bit of time to get your head around. It does feel completely different but once aware of this and how the boat behaves the Jefe is a very capable creeker that can tackle anything that is thrown at it. The high bow rocker allows you to charge over strong eddy lines and punch through stoppers, it also helps the Jefe boofs and resurfaces really well.

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The Jefe is supplied with Liquid Logics BADASS outfitting system.The BADASS outfitting is something I’ve been familiar with for some time as I have paddled Liquid Logic boats pretty much exclusively for the last few years.he BADASS outfitting is super comfy and very effective but prevents me from adding a great deal of foam to support my legs without compromising the system itself.

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Overall I really like the system but a greater amount of adjustment with the seat padding would be better. The foot rest system is a full plate with a huge thick piece of foam to help soften the blow if you were to bang the nose of the boat. The systems uses a rail system that bolts onto the side of the hull. Once setup the system is rock solid.


Several grab handles/security bars can be found on the Jefe. Super easy to clip into and also comfy to use when hauling boat.

The Jefe is available in three sizes. The largest the Jefe Grande (last image), the Jefe and the Jefe Chico (white Jefe in post) so most paddlers will find a Jefe that is suitable for them.


Length: 249cm
Width: 68cm
Volume: 299l
Cockpit Size: 57.5 x 80cm
Weight: 19.5kg
Paddler weight range: 57-93kg

Jefe Grande:

Length: 259cm
Width: 69cm
Volume: 340l
Cockpit Size: 51 x 84cm
Weight: 22kg
Paddler weight range: 77-132kg

Jefe Chico:

Length: 236cm
Width: 69cm
Weight: 19kg
Cockpit Size: 51 x 81cm
Volume: 261l
Paddler Weight: 34-75kg