A surprise parcel landed at Unsponsored HQ this week, a brand new 2017 Palm Impact spray skirt. We’ve had an older one of these in at the HQ a couple of years back and it proved to be an awesome skirt.

Palm Impact Spray Skirt 2017 - First Look

The Palm Impact spray skirt is Palm’s top end bungee corded offering.

For 2017 Palm have updated the design so that it now includes a few tweaks.

The RRP is £99.

The biggest change has to the be the inclusion of the the 3/4 dry lip around the front portion of the skirt.

Palm Impact Spray Skirt 2017 - First Look

The gripsil coating on the underside of the skirt is now present on only the sides.

Palm Impact Spray Skirt 2017 - First Look

The brightly coloured quick release webbing also has a narrow piece of tape and a QR buckle attached so that you deck can be fastened to your PFD and out of the way whilst portaging etc.

One of the big features on the deck is on the body tube. The bulk of the tube is pretty standard but at the top edge the neoprene cinches in, Palm call this the O ring. This helps create a really good seal between your body and the deck. It’s a simple feature but it works really well without feeling restrictive in any way.

Seams are triple glued‚ blind stitched and Melco taped.

This little patch is a nice touch. everything thing seams really well put together, however the edge of the skirt is no longer constructed with a 4mm Armortex reinforcement.


The Impact is our premium shockcord deck for whitewater freestyle paddling. Burly 9.5 mm shockcord holds it in place‚ and the seamless O-ring seal keeps the waist tube where you want it. The Nytex reinforced rim shrugs off wear and tear‚ and a three-quarter dry lip seals water out.

3 mm nylon Jersey CR neoprene deck
Nytex and Supratex CR neoprene rim
Jersey and mesh neoprene waist
3/4 length dry-lip
3 dimensional deck shape
Sticky Gripsil on cockpit lining
9.5mm elastic shockcord double sewn