The Falconer 2Vi from Sweet Protection represents their cutting-edge road cycling helmet. The Falconer 2Vi seamlessly integrates wind tunnel-tested aerodynamics with the latest MIPS Air technology.

The Sweet Falconer 2Vi Helmet

Priced at £219, this helmet is available in a variety of matte and gloss colour options. The one shown here is my Bronco White lid which is a white/light grey colour. I wasn’t 100% sure at first as I was expecting a bright white helmet, however I really like it now.

Size wise, this helmet is a M/L. This is the same size I use for Sweet kayaking helmets such as the Strutter and Rocker and my Sweet Bushwhacker 2Vi MTB helmet.

True to its name, the helmet incorporates the advanced 2Vi safety system, which combines MIPS Air and a multi-density EPS foam structure, providing an optimal balance between weight and impact protection.

It’s got MIPS
Massive rear exhaust vent

A standout feature of the Sweet Protection Falconer 2Vi is its STACC ventilation system, which stands for Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel. This innovative air vent design is specifically engineered to cool the superficial temporal artery on your forehead. The design includes deep internal air channels that effectively guide air through the helmet and expel it.

Having had one of the very first Falconers I can feel the improvement in both fit and ventilation in this newest iteration

This ventilation system synergises seamlessly with the 2Vi technology, which incorporates an integrated MIPS Air liner.

Unlike previous MIPS helmets that have a conspicuous large yellow liner (there is an image in the gallery below of my Bushwhacker Carbon II MIPS), the Falconer 2Vi resembles any other non-MIPS helmet, featuring an open design and exposed internal air channels. The new black colour scheme of the MIPS air certainly helps, but its lower profile and integration into the padding makes a huge difference.

MIPS Air System

The padding itself contains the MIPS Air nodes that are mobile, providing rotational force protection in the event of an impact. Having personally crash tested a couple of MIPS and no-MIPS helmets I will always go for the MIPS protected version if I can. Please note that Virginia Tech gave the Falconer 2Vi MIPS helmet its highest 5-star rating for safety.

Occigrip 360 System

The helmet features the 360 Occigrip Fit System for easy on the fly adjustments and seamless integration with Sweet Protection eyewear. I have also used the Falconer with Oakley Radar Path EV and the much larger Smith Wildcat glasses without issue.

The chin strap is fasten using a pretty standard plastic QR buckle. My Bushwhacker 2Vi lid has a magnetic Fidlock buckle. It is a shame that the Falconer doesn’t come with one given its price (the aero version does come with a Fidlock QR buckle).

Sweet Protection also did a collaboration with my favourite cycling gear brand Pas Normal Studios and have produced the Aero version of the Falconer in a range of non-Sweet colours.