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The Tyne Tour – A Brief Water Guide

The Tyne Tour is one of the best kayak/canoe events in the UK. Since its origins as the Mike Jones Rally the Tyne tour has become a firm favourite of mine. Most paddlers will stick to the area around Hexham and Tyne Green but there are several other stretches of water in the local area that are worth looking at. This post is not designed to be a definitive guide in any way but is intend to offer a few ideas so you can maximise your paddle time and choice if attending the tour. So here we have it The Tyne Tour – A Brief Water Guide.

Unsponsored Tyne Tour 1

Camping, food and retailers are all based at Tyne Green right on the river bank in Hexham. Hexham is large market town so there are plenty of shops, pubs and takeaways if required.

Unsponsored Tyne Tour 2

The main river for the tour is the North Tyne. Local canoe/kayak clubs provide safety cover on the largest whitewater section of the North Tyne at Rescue Rock. Each Saturday of the Tyne Tour you will find me sat on Rescue Rock taking thousands of still images.

Unsponsored Tyne Tour 3

River Levels: Rain Chasers

The North Tyne

The North Tyne has to be one of the classic ww runs in the North East of England. The water is clean, access is pretty good and you can get down in all but the very lowest of levels. The normal get in is at the small village of Chollerford just a few miles North of Hexham itself. However for the Tyne Tour the get in is a few miles upstream at Barrasford. A shuttle bus runs the route and the parking at Barrasford is ample. The run down to Chollerford offers a few good rapids and is the perfect warm up.

The Tyne Tour - A Brief Water Guide

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Tyne Tour 2015

If you were on the North Tyne today from 11.00am through to 3.30pm the chances are I have a photograph of you or your group. Water levels were sitting at around 0.9 on the gauge but the water was rising throughout the afternoon.

Tyne Tour 2015

Heavy rain in the area has sent all of the main ww rivers mad. The North Tyne, South Tyne, Tees, and Swale are all on the rise. So Sunday looks like pick and mix of classic northern whitewater. Make your choice.

Tyne Tour 2015

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Tyne Tour – 2015

Tickets for this year’s Tyne Tour are now available. Come join one of Europe’s largest mass participation kayak/canoe events.

Tyne Tour - 2015

The new website is now live.

Tyne Tour (Festival) 2014

I spent a few hours of today sat on Rescue Rock on the North Tyne (UK), water levels were good and the sun was out for most of the day. Thousands of images taken here are just a few.



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Tyne Tour 2013 – Saturday North Tyne

More images can be found on the Unsponsored Facebook page.

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Tyne Tour – 1998

This is an article I had published in Canoeist Magazine in Feb 1999. Enjoy…..

It had to be done; it was Tyne Tour time again and I was packed ready for a quick escape from work. As always, the South and North Tyne, as well as the Allen were open and after so much rain there had to be a shed load of water. How wrong can a paddler be? Absolutely unbelievable as only four days earlier the North Tyne had been on yellow flood alert but the big water had long since gone, although the now average water levels proved to be more than a match for the procession of paddlers swimming down the now notorious Wardens gorge (not really notorious but it makes the swimmers feel better; you know who you are and cramp is no excuse). Continue reading

River Allen

The Allen is a classic ww run in the NE of England and is a tributary of the River South Tyne. It lies just west of the market town of Hexham. The Allen is a short run from Cupola Bridge on the A686 to Alston. However it also provides a number of interesting park and play spots when in medium to high water levels. Continue reading

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